Animal Updates

bitsy is dying...

Carol  ·  Sep. 26, 2010

she has been doing the slow downhill slide for the past couple of months but she has been perky and bright and busy until this weekend. she had little to eat yesterday, and nothing at all today. she whipped thru the door last evening as quick as a shot of black lightening and settled herself in my bathroom laundry basket and hasn't moved in 24 hours. today i moved her onto the floor in a very soft and comfy bed and set up her food, water and litter box all within a couple of steps.

bitsy says she is not moving again, she is comfy but she is done. if she survives the night tonight, i will probably take her into the vet tomorrow and help her to go.... depending on how she is doing.
sometimes they just speak so clearly, so decisively about deciding to finally let go...bitsy decided she was living until she snuck into the bathroom again but once she reached there, she settled in to wait until her journey is finally over.
i hope i can honor her wishes and let her pass from there but if she becomes distressed at all tonight, we will head into the emergency clinic.

hope floats for bitsy-bop...gentle and peaceful dreams until you are free.



Colleen B

Miss Bitsy, you really were a fun little sink friend. Be calm and know that you are loved.


Bitsy, going to miss you sitting in the kitchen sink waiting for your water.
Rest easy little one.