Animal Updates

"oh happy day......"

Carol  ·  Sep. 26, 2010

esther is upset....she wants to see what goodies are in the cat box this morning....suzie won't let her..she is sleeping on the bed next to the litter box and is not ready yet to be disturbed.

I want to snack on the little box. I missed out yesterday because I was at the Yard sale!

Yeah and it was peaceful here ... so shut it!

freaking dogs...esther! please shut up's too early for all of us and we don't care!

"oh happy day....."... i fell asleep watching sister act 2 and i woke up with that song in my head but i don't feel that song so much yet today....and esther is not helping.

i have decided that i am killing flies today...i am not quite sure how cuz i can't spray the little bastards because it would for sure kill the birds and not be good for any of the other animals either...but one way or another i am going to knock off a million and a half flies or die trying because i have had enough of them and they are bugging me big time now.

"oh happy day....." grhhh, way too cheery/perky.......i need a more appropriate song in my head, one more battle ready or violent...with thunderous, dooms day drums so those flies can feel their final end coming and maybe choose to fly out of danger and go bug somewhere else.

just for the record...bonita is still grubby and smeared with greenish/greyish dried on poop today...i was hoping it would rub off on her couch blankets over an extended night/bedtime period, but apparently not....i really do not feel like bathing her today.

Oh happy day. I can roll in more poop today!

maybe if she stays out in the barn with us the rain will wash it away?????
hope floats....sometimes hope is about petty things cuz i have a lot of stuff to do today.

"oh happy day...."

that song is going to drive me freaking insane.



just do what you normally do..i can do whatever is left when i am done helping out crippled mo in the need to kill yourself...i am here (unfortunately) and can put off fly killing until tomorrow!


oh crap i just read the message from monica hope someone else can come to help me i am bringing kim but she is only 10. sos. will be there at 830