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screw the purse...a day in rescue part 2

Carol  ·  Sep. 27, 2010

did you like that previous story?
it was is how today really went...

one of my little favorite cats is dying..i am worried that maybe i should not let her die head says maybe i should take her into the vet and do "the right thing" by her..except my gut says the right thing is to leave her alone, she is dying perfectly easily and peacefully without any of my help.

but i worry in case this changes.

i spend the day unsticking god damn fly sticky strips from cats/dogs and my fingers while i am trying to wash windows. everywhere i look there is god damn gross fly poop that i have to scrub out of existence. as i am scrubbing away..i am looking at how many living and pooping flies are NOT stuck to my new sticky strips and i am sinking into the futileness of scrubbing fly shit today.

when bitsy finally passes...still peacefully, thank you god for this!...i have a major guilt attack over how many dead saints are still waiting in the freezer for me to take in. i pack them up into the car and deliver them to the back door of the clinic so we don't weird out any clients sitting within.

and all i want to do is get home and forget that flies and death are surrounding me every where that i turn.

but then something good happens...a little stunned squirrel parks itself in front of my car and the day suddenly has some light to it, maybe rescue is not so horrible after all.

i wrote the warm and fuzzy post and then go put the barn guys to bed. there is a dying baby rat in ellie's food bowl because i put out some poison a couple of days ago again. i put it over near one of the rat holes so it can die closer to home and it moves itself back inside its home to die.

i finish up the feeding and bed stuff...i am soaking wet and covered in hay shit and my socks are wet and muddy from encouraging the classy chicks back into their house (because i just had to come out in my sandels again cuz i am stupid like this for the one thousandth time.)

i head back to the mp room to feed, medicate and put to bed and the little squirrel is laying in her cage and she is dead.

i wrap up her little body and put her in the freezer for now. tomorrow i will find somewhere to bury her because she is not a domestic animal and cremation for her seems wrong.

when i got back into the house everyone had been busy messing up the floors while i was out so before i could take off my wet and hay filled clothes, i had to clean up what they did.

soooo...screw the new purse..i don't want one...i would just for once like rescue to NOT so suck.



hate those f,ing flys saints seems to be one great magnet for them. die you bastards.


Sorry to hear about Rocky. Glad she got off the road and into a nice warm and comfy place before she died.
She also got to enjoy some russel rabbit.