Rescue Journal

lucy passed away today

Carol  ·  Sep. 28, 2010

thank you so very much to colleen (our vet) and her family for giving a great and loving home to another of saints senior and palliative dogs...our deepest condolences on her loss. we are so happy she had a wonderful home with you and you family for the last part of her life.
rest in peace were a very good girl.




I wonder about the life of Lucy ( who I liked to call Woocie cuz of her wonderful Wooo Wooo Wooo song )she came to SAINTS with some vet records that showed she was a stray in Scottsdale Arizona , her pads were worn down & I think she had a injury.. then she made it to a vet in Surrey and later another in Maple Ridge. When she 1st came, it was like she lived inside her head & wasn't experiencing life around her... that only lasted a short time & it was wonderful to arrive at SAINTS & hear her excited bark ( Woo Woo Woo )and see the excitment in her body language & eyes when she knew it was barn/field time and there was poop to roll in & scrathces & pets to be had... my condolences to Colleen & family and my sincerest thank you for giving her a loving home in her final days

Whoop it up Wooo & run free always


My thoughts are with you.....thank you so much for giving our sweet Lucy girl with the bedroom eyes a family of her own to love.


i am so very sorry colleen and carol. she was a lovely sweet girl. what a great home for her to end up in. rest in peace lucy.