Rescue Journal

and saints welcomes....

Carol  ·  Oct. 9, 2010

dorothy and wilson..the 2 wrecked cats from a hoarding seizure. OM freaking G!!!! they are so happy and grateful to be here. sweet. sweet. sweet cats (altho i think once dorothy feels better...she will be a bit of a handful.)

we had 2 sets of potential volunteers tour thru....the more the merrier! carol had her first shift here and survived the dreaded, insane and never ending laundry room (she even took some home with her..this is the mark of an outstanding volunteer!)

jenn is doing a great job of the beginnings of volunteer coordinating...she is right on top of her game...all eager, organized and pulling everyone together and sorting us out to make volunteer life easier for all of us....this will soon be sooooo nice!

the fireplace guy came and fixed the broken one and serviced the new one too (thank you dawn!!!!) and for once we had lot's of help here so no one felt too overwhelmed.
my second hand freezer connection guy called...he had two large old, in good shape, freezers if i wanted...$40 per delivery so i said yes to both cuz i would like to replace some of the smaller, more beat up ones. the first one came is perfect..the other comes tomorrow and i am happy to have a few large vs several more small freezers for barn feed use.

it was a bit of a wet and soggy day but it was a very GOOD day and that is all that counts.

make sure everyone pops in to meet dorothy and wilson, they are in the overflow holding area outside the aviary pens til i get them FeLV tested...dorothy is the torbe missing most of her hair with the whonky hind end and wilson is the solid black love bug with the cute little tilt to his head...they are eagerly waiting to meet all of their new human saints friends.

the holiday weekend has started out well, lets hope it continues right thru the long weekend. downer....positive thoughts for dawn and gracie (our ancient foster dog who looks like a pup.)...gracie has suffered a couple of significant vestibular epsiodes over the past couple of days. the results of this will be tough for both of them for the next few weeks so they need our positive energy flow....big hugs to dawn and gracie!



big big hugs to dawn and that ever adorable gracie hope all goes well for both of you will send positive thought your way. was a good day today i think carol is going to work out fine she seem to really like it here and has a really soft spot for harold. will see you all tomorrow


Pepsi Challenge....keep voting we have moved up to 4th still time left to climb higher!!