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oh sigh.....

Carol  ·  Oct. 13, 2010

i am in such a freaking bad mood tonight...i am tired and my body hurts and i am getting far too many emails about owner surrenders lately..the repetitiveness of all three lately are just wearing me out. i have emails sitting in my inbox that i can't answer cuz i am incapable of answering them without sounding like a hag.
we simply cannot take in everyone's peeing, biting, sick, we are moving, having a baby, or just don't have time any more, senior and unwanted animals...we don't have the segregated facilities for some of them and we don't have communal room for the others.

i have no issues at all when the pounds and shelters call...these animals are not always appropriate for re-homing nor for long term kennel/cage shelter housing. these animals get first priority because they are already homeless and stuck in a cage and they don't meet the shelters mandate..but they do meet ours.

i am hoping to have time to pop in tomorrow to meet a possible new admit to saints. she is currently in a shelter, she is currently sick and possibly terminal and certainly requires long term medical management....she is also unadoptable and short on any other options but some place like saints. so i will meet her and really hope she will fit here and be glad to help her if we can.

and here is the thing...this dog will come here with promise of continued financial support, no bag of half opened food, no worn out blankets and toys and beds and dirty dog food bowls for me to clean...and that is so totally fine with me...cuz she doesn't own a dog gone thing in the world...she is a homeless stray that no one loved enough to look for.

i don't know why people unloading their "beloved" pets think if they offer to pay something monthly or even..i think it was last week..... one lady offered to send along a full and brand new bag of dog food..why they think this will make the slightest bit of difference to us having room, space, time, money to care for them year after year....$25 or $30 a month for a couple of guilt ridden months does not make another animal to care for any easier..not when it already costs many thousand dollars a month to care for the ones already here...and sorry... i just can't get excited about a bag of dog food..we already have several hundred pounds out in the shop...40 pounds more doesn't mean much one way or another in the saints scheme of things...not if it means getting another old, wrecked or problem dog.
but...... one more animal to care for means a whole heck of a means another body, another personality..another whole new set of individual animal means i slide closer to too many again and that is a real drag.
if one more person tells me what a wonderful facility/program we have as a preface for wanting to dump another one here...i swear i will scream. and it is not the poor animal's fault..they are the innocents but they are the ones who pay because i am tired and sore and cranky and i think they should stay in their homes and everything that we will do for them here....should be done for them there.

no one with a decent home should ever need to come to saints.

new song to the tune of...oh shit i can't remember the real words.... but here is the beginning of my version anyway...."i feel a bad mood rising...." la la la......

i am finally going to the doctors on monday..i made an appointment today. maybe if i didn't feel so much like crap lately, my bad mood would go away.

You are FALLing apart



OMG jenn!!!! i am going to freaking kill you!!!!!!!

thx louise..i will check them out.

Louise Z.

Hey Carol,

Is it your fibro that's bothering you? I don't know whether or not you've seen it, but there's a fibromyalgia clinic in the same building as Eastridge Animal Hospital. It's around the side/back end. Might be worth looking into? You would probably need a referral though.


bad moon rising is by credence clearwater revival... and from a very loooong time ago!