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there is a big difference between....

Carol  ·  Oct. 14, 2010

aggression and being an irritable hag.

i went and met our new girl....her name will be "jelly bean"...the shelter staff named her "ellie-mae" but gee that ain't gonna fly around here with certain princesses already possessing that name!

i am naming her jelly bean because she already answers to "ellie" so answering to "jelly" shouldn't be too hard for her. plus she is (i think) probably predominently a rotti/pitty cross so i would like a nice and sweetly silly name for her for obvious reasons.

she SEEMS ok with cats and other she is not overtly interested or aggressive. but anyone could test phoebe in a shelter environment and she would pass with flying colors too. cuz...phoebe is not really aggressive (even tho she will bite another dog or a person without a second thought if she is in a bad mood)..she is sometimes... a nasty, mean, bitchy pain in the ass....but not all of the time..just when she feels like it. so not really aggressive but more actually bitchy....there is a difference here.

hey are you talking shit 'bout me again?

anyway...jellybean is lovely..a sweet and kissy kind of girl. even tho she is technically sick with a very enlarged liver, possibly cushings and a large mammary tumour...she is pretty darn bright, perky and active..she ain't no sickly couch potato.
sigh...we will see how she does here. please be a good dog...please be a good dog...please don't be a hag, we have enough of those.

i have to say that phoebe, perdy and jesse hold the rest of us hostage in the house...i have to move so and so cuz phoebe is being a hag...i can't put someone over in the dog room cuz jesse is also a hag and god forbid i trust perdy even for a second around here...she just nailed squirt as he was trying to slip past her. i need her out of the entrance way and phoebe back in there but perdy's back end sucks too much to move her back up into the laundry room.

grhhh..i can't trust phoebe, i can't trust jesse, i can't trust perdy......geez louise! i wish i could just knock all three of them off!

sadly..... killing bitchy dogs is not exactly in our mandate.

but maybe it should be....cuz i think life without a bunch of cranky old hags would be infinitely better!

next life i am only rescuing nice hags allowed.

i just shared my mac and cheese dinner with the kitchen/computer room dogs (including phoebe the hag!)..larry is a nice dog AND so freaking cute too...he still has unbeknownest to him....a noodle on his nose!


Carol Ann

Hey I resent the bitchy hag remarks --you don't know me well enough to talk that way about me. ha ha or did Dionne squeal on me oh well feeling ok again see you Sat a.m.


My shirts are the Phoebe I see when I visit her (most of the time).
Happy and carefree, that's our girl.


I think it is about time you get a "real" pheobe shirt by the way! No more miss sitting pretty looking innocent. Get some pheobe in action ones of her being haggy ... I mean her energetic and wonderful self :)


Nice picture of Phoebe killing the ball.
Then again when is a picture of her not nice.


So glad to hear The Rock is doing great! I guess his name is truly appropriate. I have been a Rottie girl for many years (explains my e-mail address). We lost our last one suddenly in '06 and my husband still is not ready for another one.

Congrats on the granddaughter. You look like a completely doting grandmother in the pics. Enjoy!

I thank God for rescuers like you. Please thank everone that supports SAINTS from myself and The Rock.


i feel bad because i haven't posted about the rock lately hillevi.... but he is doing great! healthy...happy...NOISY (as usual) he is still quite the talker...has a ton to say all of the time.

he truly is a very great cat...and knock on wood...the felv is not wreaking havoc with him as of yet....he still looks and acts like a perfectly healthy guy. i have re-tested him 3 times hoping that he has miraculously turned negative but it always comes back positive...the rock is choosing to ignore this tho!

i miss some of the great rotti's we have had here....jesse (the very good dog, not the current crazy retriever guy hag)...jazz (amazing dog)....oka (what a great, great guy...still miss him eating the logs!) and ootah (who is doing awesomely well in his foster home by the way!)...hopefully jelly will be just as great as all the past rotti saints.


I love hearing that a Rotti (even a mix) is coming to SAINTS. I miss hearing about Oka. Can you tell Rotti's are my fave?

Noodle on the nose? I wish you had a picture of that!