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super sweet does not suck!

Carol  ·  Oct. 16, 2010

so the new girls are here.

i took jelly straight out of the car and tossed her right in with the saturday barn buddy crew.......what a great, great dog!!!!!

she handled all the new faces and all the new places, and all the new species, and all the butt sniffing wonderfully well. she even had her first memorial garden visit with the regulars and managed that well too. she is a touchy feel-ly dog..likes lots of physical touching and hugging and smooching. she is a dog room/bedroom dog and a little bit unsure about snarly face jerry but this too is good. she has made a very good transition to the weird kind of communal living at saints. she was trying to convince KO that she does in fact need a REAL that has some substantial doggy-size to help her do her work.

kia is also here now...she is not a papillon she looks more like a yorki-shitz cross....and WOW! what a sweet and adorable little girl. she started out in the laundry area with pixie and little mr. but now she has claimed the pillow on the couch as the best bed in the house. she also had no trouble fitting in...i can't believe my luck here...2 brand new really nice dogs!!!!!

harold is going to meet carol's rambuctious dog tomorrow afternoon. we will see how that goes...if it is ok, we will take him over to carol's house and try them together over there.

caspar had a very nice family come and meet him today. nicole is going to do a home check this week to see if it looks like a good fit for caspar. caspar needs a very specific match, not only because of of his health issues but also because he considers himself fully at home here. moving him is like moving has to be absolutely right for him in every way so he knows he found something better than saints. mo said she didn't want to do the home check...she loves caspar and wants him to stay here almost as much as she wants him to have a great home of his own one day.

i have said it before...with these guys...we are the ones who feel the loss when they go...thru death or to their brand new home. we love who we love and we miss them when they are gone..they each bring something special to our days and it is a deeply felt loss when they do go away.

i just don't get why someone doesn't want to break our collective hearts by taking the red whirling wonder away.


Carol Ann

by the way phoebe isn't that bad but then i live with precious what do i know

Carol Ann

Jelly and Kia are beautiful dogs hard to imagine someone just giving them up or worse. I'M HAPPY THEY ARE IN A GOOD PLACE NOW. Here's hoping my little bitch will fall for harold like i did.


Phoebe J. Hine.
Sounds perfect.
I can already see her sitting in the family photos.


Nice post, until the last sentence.
Glad the new guys are fitting in.
I stopped by yesterday and today for a quick visit, the medical room really does feel alittle empty with Barney gone. Going to really feel the absence tomorrow morning when I break out the fancy feast, he loved his food.


get out there with your camera jenny you gotta get jelly, shes magazine beautiful! how bout a saints calendar? weve got enough beauties, thats for sure, the trouble would be in narrowing it to 12.


I recognize Kia from the daily dog reports I get from the volunteer dog walking coordinators. She was there for quite a while for such a small young dog. I think I know why now. She was listed as a shitzsu / pomeranian mix.