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This is what I am sending out today as a message to my friends, family, and co-workers ...

Jenn  ·  Oct. 17, 2010

Hello dear friends and family.

As you know I spend a lot of my time volunteering for SAINTS rescue, a senior and special needs animal sanctuary in Mission BC. We are entered in the Pepsi Challenge and are currently in 3rd place for $25,000 to go towards vet care. As you may know, senior animals are expensive and we could really use this money.

I am asking you to please take 1 minute out of each day for the next 15 days (until October 31) and vote for SAINTS. Please get your friends and family to vote too. This is an excellent cause. If you are unsure please watch this CBC newclip about SAINTS:




I pretty much copied your mail & changed a few words (especially since my 1st official volunteer day is Saturday) sent it out to everyone I know & sent it to Nat from Virgins morning show & she posted it on their FB page! yay!


Hi Lory

Sorry I don't always read the turtle garden blog. Bad me. I have know seen that they have and will resend an email to those I did this morning and ask them to also vote for Turtle Gardens.


Hi Sheila and Jenn - it is great to see us at #3. Lets hope we can keep moving up. Did you notice that Yvette at Turtle Gardens asked her supporters to also vote for SAINTS? I think that was about the same time we went from 4 to 3. Maybe we should also ask our people to include TG in their voting. Keep voting everyone!


3.If I had known Carol was going to post my email I would have written it a bit more politely. I sound so salesman like. But sometimes I have to push and prod Carol LOL.

Here is what I am going to do to spread the word. I am going to email the link to my teenage nieces who proabably have like a 1,000 people on their facebook page and ask if they will post on their page as a favour to me.

To finish what happened with the chase community grant the group I spoke of that set up a campaign headquarters complained very vocally to the media that
the winners had unfairly and unethically used emails they shouldnt have to garner extra votes. I would hate for SAINTS to be pushed to second place and then the win be overshadowed by a controversy over the win.
I am therefore uncomfortable with people using other peoples emails (with or without their permission) to do extra voting. I know Carol took herself out a VanCity competion because people were voting more than once on different computers. And if there is a controversy I know Carol enough, because she is so like me this way, she would refuse the $25,000.

On another note I think the charities and number 1 and 2 are great ideas and I wish them well.


Comment by Sheila October 17, 2010 @ 9:25 am