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SAINTS is in 2nd for the Pepsi Contest for 25K!!! Woot Woot. Keep voting these next 2 weeks are going to be nerve racking!!!

Carol  ·  Oct. 18, 2010

posted by jenn in the comments section below.

i second the woot! woot!!! i was just adding up the current and upcoming vet bills in my head and feeling kind of sick.



we are voting for TG and truly hope TG makes it to the next round.

also everyone please make sure to follow the voting rules carefully so no one gets disqualified, we are all allowed 10 separate votes each day, but we can only vote for each one once per day...also there are some very good causes out there so take the time to go thru them and vote for your favorites...(even if god forbid..your favorites do not happen to include saints)...the world can be better in many ways because of the pepsi challenge.


Turtle Gardens threw it's support behind you starting Oct 15th - in a few short days you moved from 4th to 2nd!

Please support our bid to get into (and stay) in the top 5 so we can roll into the next round of funding.

We figure with you getting this round and TG being the BC animal rescue left in the next round that it will be a WIN-WIN for the animals all around. Thanks and good luck, we will keep voting for SAINTS and TG!

Carol Ann

omg i've been e-mailing and bugging people and i'm sure i'm not alone but we are doing it 2nd oh i'm so excited. and yes it will be extremely hard on the nerves.