Rescue Journal

ok..back to business..altho the coloring thing was sort of fun.

Carol  ·  Oct. 19, 2010

phoebe has been royally pissing me off..yesterday i caught her holding mandy right off the ground by her ear!!!!

AND THEN!!!! 2 hours later i caught her holding mandy down on the ground by her other ear!!!!!!

phoebe got kicked right out of the house and over into the office. i was going to stick her in the closet over here but while those of us who know her and might think that was a brilliant idea..those of us who don't might think it was kind of mean.

anyway..reggie came over to the house and proceeded to drive everyone totally he is back in the office and phoebe is back over here but if i am not in the room with her she is going into a crate!!!!!

the totally sucky part of living with phoebe is i really have no idea how old she is....i can't even count down the days til she might one day either be too old to bug anyone..or she might die of natural causes (which probably means i can't actually do her in.)

i guess i am a saint...going on SIX years of living with phoebe and i still haven't knocked her off yet...ok maybe not a real saint cuz some days i really do dream of nuking her...not nice but totally true.

larry and doris had their vet visit yesterday...doris got a whole lot of med changes and larry had some blood work drawn and an ear culture done. the vet thinks he is cushings...which he says might be a total drag cuz the reason he probably feels no horrible arthritic pain is because of the high levels of cortocosteriods..if he is cushings and we do control it...larry might all of a sudden find himself in a great deal of pain.

hmmm...we have never NOT treated a cushings animal before...maybe there is a first time for everything...we will see what the bloodwork actually says.

doris and yoshi and little mister all moved back over to the medical room..between phoebe and that crazy little maybe monster..i decided they need a quieter more peaceful area to wander around in at will. tammy and i looked in on them later this afternoon...and all three of them were curled up together on one of the comfy big pillow beds....awwwwwwwww!!!!!!! that was so absolutely freaking adorably cute!!!!!!!

pixie pop lost nine teeth today...she only has 4 left altogether. her blood pressure kept dropping during the surgery so she had a really tough day today. anyway...she is home now and has good pain control drugs for the next couple of days..hopefully she will feel much better really soon. the problems she had during the surgery tho mean we probably won't go ahead later with her spay. she is pretty old now and the risk isn't worth it but it will be a total drag if one day soon she presents with a reproductive cancer.

caspar will be probably going to his new home tomorrow...shit man..i am already missing my very good friend. nicole did the home check and she thinks this is a great home for our loyal little man..he will get all of the love and cuddling his little heart needs. ahhh caspar...we are all going to really miss you!!!!

lot's of vet visits planned on my holidays...larry, doris and pixie need rechecks in 10 days...jelly and kia have to go in for their assessments and wilson and dorothy are booked in for theirs on this friday.

i did see my doctor today and got my xray spine is kind of messed up so i am booked for a bone scan on this thursday at 8 am in burnaby.... which if you ask me is a total sucking way to spend an entire perfectly good vacation day! geez i am going to have to get up at 5 am to do the diabetics and fight my way thru rush hour traffic and head back into busy cement civilization (shudder!) is going to put me in a cranky mood.

anyway...tammy said she would go with me (she probably doesn't trust i will survive the drive over the gawd damn pitt river bridge and then we are going to grab an early dinner on the way home at the "olive garden" in langley..mmmmmm!

so maybe the day won't be an entire waste...i REALLY like the olive garden!


Colleen B

Oh Larry and heart breaks for you xoxo. Carol, you can ship either one to me any day.

Wonderful news about Caspar. I miss his happy dance! He's a pretty special little boy.