Rescue Journal

it was a carol freaking out day.

Carol  ·  Oct. 21, 2010

i was already at burnaby hospital when the call came in that we were short staffed at saints...crap..the freak out began.

anyway..i did survive getting up at 4 am and rush hour traffic, i survived the actual bone scan (altho apparently i am slightly radioactive for the next five days...yay...) and tammy did survive listening to me stressing out for hours on end for all of today...and yes the animals survived also today.

thank you ryan for chipping in and taking over, thank you KO for checking in this afternoon and the multiple use of the "accidents in happening" mop! thank you laura for putting everyone to bed...and that is where i am heading really soon too!

i have to say...i love all of the pepsi challenge posters that folks are totally brightens up the end of my day to see who made what posters today!

and just so you know...bone scans do not stop senior animals in need from reaching me....

new incoming on saturday...3 new ones from really sad little fat dog whose horrible matts (now shaved off) totally hurt her poor old skinny cat with loose and falling out teeth and another old black guy with a broken tooth and really wrecked ears. plus there is an FIV from edmonton from another rescue group who doesn't have housing for an FIV positive cat that i said could come here but am not sure when he can get here cuz they have to arrange..... and i haven't emailed back the 9 and 15 year old cats yet whose senior just went in to facility care...and that was just todays animals...i haven't even started in on the ones that called or emailed yesterday cuz i was waiting til i was feeling occurs to me today that i might not ever feel is probably all of the homeless senior animals that are making me ill!

(added by Jenn) Hey Mom ... were you making this kind of face all day long?


and are you making THIS face right NOW? haha

Oh well, maybe these 2 pepsi challenge posters I made on my lunch break at work staring Ellie and Merry will make you happy


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Seriously how did Phebes wind up getting dragged into this. This does not sound like a positive, warm and fuzzy Phoebe moment.


Yes but I will tell Tammy that you actually left Pheobe to her and she would have to believe me and take pheobe because it was a dying woman's wish. I hope you don't die for a very long long time. Even though I am evil I still love you like crazy. Take it easy missy no more of that crazy barn bed time hay bending, lifting, and twisting.


i am going to bed now...but think about this before you post day i will be dead...and i could very well leave phoebe to you in my will.


I think you should go to bed like you planned... you're not going to like this ... eeeehehehehehe (that is an evil cackle).


I am very tempted to post that picture of you ... I think I might. Please forgive me I love you! it will give everyone a much need smile I think.