Rescue Journal

oh hey???

Carol  ·  Oct. 22, 2010

are we well covered here tomorrow????...cuz i need to get feed and supplies early, first thing...and then i need to go out to chilliwack spca to pick up our new wrecked and old three.

it was a long day today but everything did get done. thx tammy for doing the back cats and first vet run for me...AND for letting jelly maul you in the car during the second ( and much longer) one.

jelly is a total doorknob...a block headed tank with a way too busy tongue. when we were let into the exam room, leanne that her slobber or are you lactating?

yeah thx so much jelly for making me soggy...the dog is a licking and dripping machine.

anyway she had her bloodwork and once it comes back we will see if her liver is good enough to surgically remove that big mammary tumor and possibly do her spay. she was pretty good on the ride home again...we fed her chinese almond cookies...she liked those and was much better behaved.

wilson and dorothy are negative for FIV/FeLV so wilson has been moved over to the house and dorothy has been moved to the medical room. they did blood work on her to check her cardiac status..and the vet wonders if her back end is fried from throwing a clot in the past sometime.

i currently have a bunch of dog food bowl dumpers here and it is starting to piss me off...every freaking room that i cleaned so nicely today now has the floors covered in dog food from the bowls. this is so totally unneccessary, some rescued dogs are just poorly mannered slobs....if they had to clean the floors i bet the food would stay where it belongs. how hard can it be?...stick your face gently in, grab a mouthful and swallow!! none of this rooting around with your nose, flipping the bowl with your paw and then having a drink and dripping slobbery water is a disgusting and wasteful way to eat and it makes a continual mess and it is frustrating me....BIG TIME!

ok..i still have quite a bit of laundry to do...venting for now is done.



Yes we are covered for tomorrow so go ahead for your feed run so long are you are not LIFTING any of the bags!!!


Maybe the dogs think the food bowls are like a box of cracker jacks and there is a prize at the bottom.