Rescue Journal

jake is not happy

Carol  ·  Oct. 25, 2010

i just checked on him...he is upset and asking for help..... please, he says...he would like to go home.

it breaks my heart to be party to his pain. he thinks i can fix this for him if he asks...but i can't.

i am so sorry jakey...we are both stuck between a rock and a hard place in this...please try to have faith and try to make this hard place your home....right now, it is all that we have.

maybe one day, you will find something better.

but probably not....not much out there for a very sweet spraying cat.

too sad.


Carol Ann

Poor Jake--I like to think of all the settled in happy ones and there are lots. Carol I too would be feeling their pain if I WAS IN YOUR POSITION. You are a beautiful soul to do what you do and that's why you are surrounded by people who love you and help you. You give these animals a last chance at being content and cared for. Remember Saturday and the picnic and all the other days they made you laugh.:)


both....he has been torn from the life that he knew and understood and i am sure was fairly comfortable with....and now he is stuck in a cage among strangers in our medical room. most folks (not all) think saints is great...and it is a last resort, as the last stop before getting tossed off of the cliff.....but it takes time to adjust, to see past the horror of being abandoned in this strange takes time to find the goodness find happiness again. it takes the ability to learn how to let go of their previous life.

shelter and pound animals do really well here...for most of them, this is the best home they have ever had. but for beloved family pets? initially it feels like a prison sentence...a banishment to a penal terrifies them.
no animal with a decent home would ever choose to want to come here...(except wolfie and zues!...oh and larry of course!!! but those are other stories)

and to NOT acknowledge the pain and terror and suffering of real loss that some of them feel when they do arrive here (especially cats) is not fair or respectful to the deep suffering they feel.

our job is to take the frightened and broken hearted ones and help them feel safe and loved make this hard place for them feel maybe not so bad after maybe it is ok to be their new home.
its tough, and it hurts...for both them and for me...saints is not a warm and fuzzy fantasy for some of these new guys...for many, it is the rest of their life reality.

Linda de J.

Carol, I am concerned about Jake after reading your post. What do you mean by "this hard place"? Do you mean the hard place in his heart (metaphorically speaking) because he is missing his home or the physical place where he is now living? Which one is Jake?