Rescue Journal

i do wonder sometimes tho....

Carol  ·  Oct. 26, 2010

as i watch some of the new ones like jake suffer....(and bibi and many others before him)...if euthanization is not kinder then leaving them here. but then bibi wouldn't have had the chance to get happy again...sam and ginger wouldn't now be happy, living with tammy...lady wouldn't be with laura and lana or gwen with mo...squirt wouldn't have six months after his arrival decided to take a chance and cause some happy kitchen chaos out of his crate.

long term..they all will adjust..pound or shelter animal...beloved family pet...but the short term is painful to live and watch. and i do get tired of watching the initial pain of suffering around me..the bonita's who move easily in and take over from a family homes are few and far between. i can look at dorothy..she too a highly sensitive and emotional and intelligent cat who came from a hoarder...dorothy moves in here and says...hey man..this is great!!!! happy glimore and wilson are both pretty darn happy to be out of a shelter cage....and jelly is just happy to have someone to really love and follow around again...and maude? after 6 months in a shelter kennel? felt like she just landed on heaven on earth cuz now she could RUN! even dogs like jerry and phoebe who did originally come from a home..are happier here with the stability and the acceptence of their difficult takes a lot of stress off of them.

but i do have a kind and sensitive heart and it hurts to see animals suffer...even if i do know that one day they will be ok again. that is my real strength in all of be able to acknowledge the pain and participate in the suffering some of them feel..without just getting weak and ending it all for them because it is just too hard to see. bibi would not have wanted to end his life in the midst of his horror and pain...i think when his life does finally end..he will be glad that he is leaving here from a place of contentment, of feeling loved and safe...maybe not from the perfect home, in front of the fireplace on a soft bed in his dreams...but at least we have the fireplace and the soft beds and lots of people to make him feel loved...even if the perfect home and family did not actually materialize too.

it is a crap shoot..on who will adjust and who just will not. the dogs almost always do and so do most of the cats. but cats are trickier and they can die if they get themselves so upset that they decide to stop eating...and then we have to decide about making it even more difficult for them by force or tube feeding. that is when it truly starts to suck...and thank you god, i have not hit that nasty cross roads for the past few years with anyone.

i just wish that from birth til natural death....every companion animal could count on 2 home for the rest of their lives no matter what...and two a home that will love and care for them the way they deserve.

it just seems so simple and come it is so difficult for most of them to achieve?



Jenny Two Sproule would not have had the chance to live with me either after her week of not eating at SAINTS. 18 years old now and that cat still knows how to kick butt BIGTIME!.


Have you considered doing a calendar for fund raising? I noticed Sheena's Border Collie rescue is doing one through cafe press.