Rescue Journal

Only 6 more days of voting .. HOME STREeeeeetch!

Jenn  ·  Oct. 26, 2010

SAINTS is still #1 for $25,000 so keep up the good voting ... only 6 more days to go:

And Joey is not even going to speak to you until you vote! (posters by SAINTS volunteers Erin and Carol Anne).



Helene B

Those posters sure are cute and such a good ideas too. Are they all animals rescued by you? I really like the fact that you're helping the ones that no one else want. They are often my favorite ones. I've been voting for you in the pepsi challenge and i'm happy that it look like you're gonne win . Keep up the good work :)


People *have* to vote as I saw in the Vanc Sun the 2nd place people have brought a computer in for the union gospel folks to vote with each day....they are rallying their troops so SAINTS must as well :-)