Rescue Journal

it was a busy mind thinking day.

Carol  ·  Oct. 28, 2010

larry was off to the vets first thing this morning for his ear flush. he is very happy to be home! bambi was also off to the vets because she suddenly had blood in her urine...she got a good check up while she was there, including blood work, a urinalysis, and a chest xray (clear!) and the vet thinks that mammary mass is not too worrisome. she does need to have all of the rest of her teeth out AND the vet thought she saw a big oral tumour in her mouth but when she poked at it, discovered it was a giant wad of old hair wrapped around her teeth! (remember the spca said she was so matted, they couldn't tell her butt from her head so i guess in her trying so hard to groom herself, a lot of that hair ball just matted up inside her mouth...poor girl!)

dee goes in first thing tomorrow morning for a blood sugar curve...she is still pouring out urine today. even with putting her insulin dose up a bit, i do know it will take a couple of weeks to get her all sorted out in the end...i am impatient because the whole flooding with urine keeps her back end and tail soaking, dripping wet which is terrible for her skin.

in anticipation of the new guys still on their way here...the 4 LA dogs and the 2 puppy mill breeders from the paradise puppy seizure...we are shifting the dogs all around again....but also because i have some real issues going on here that need to be fixed. jelly's food guarding has still got me is not settling down so i need to put her somewhere where she feels in the center of things but no one else can get between her and the food bowl. and al just is weary of living with those yappy hysterical bedroom buddies so we are moving him too. and perdy who hates all new dogs is moving because her being in the entrance is just too incovenient to move all of the new dogs thru.

anyway..the first thing we had to do was pixie-proof the outside cat run. so tammy and i put up a second layer of smaller wire to stop her from squeezing thru. then the new cats needed moving into their eventual permanent renee got jake and a cage moved over to the house..peter was moved to jake's cage in the medical room and bart is waiting til i re-test so he can also make his move to the house. hopefully all of them will be loose in the new areas within a week (except bart...he needs 3 weeks in between his re-test.)

i spent a good hour today making lists of dogs...who is solid, who is not, who can be with cats, who cannot, who needs a single area and who can live with a group and what kind of mix of the groups will suit each dog the best. and i think we do have a good plan. it is hard to factor in the new dogs who we don't know yet (cuz they haven't actually arrived) but i left the plan flexible enough to do some switching around if they need. it helps knowing in advance that 2 of the cockers are blind...and also that the puppy mill dogs really love other dogs so i placed them according to the info i had...and we will see if that works well for them.

there are so many personalities, so many individual needs, so many things to consider when trying to figure it out so it works.

in the end we just need it to be workable for the humans...but for the animals...we need it to feel for them really good!