Rescue Journal

Only a few more days of voting ...

Jenn  ·  Oct. 29, 2010

SAINTS has dropped to 2nd. Please vote as there are only a few more days. Top 2 get the grant money so we cannot fall any lower, especially will all of the new animals we have taken in over the last 2 weeks (i think this Thursday it will be almost a dozen!). Also, plesae remember to vote in the Pet Finders Shelter Challenge too as we seem to be falling behind in that as well (purple button left hand side).



Carol Ann

I've been bugging everyone too but I'm worried don't know what else to do SO SAD!


I'm so sorry you feel down to #3 , i'm voting for you everyday since Turtle gardens asked people to vote for you too ( i'm from SCPN 100K ) please help us get back into #1 , we're trying to help you move back to #2 :) It's not over till it's over , we can't give up now!


I have sent a PLEASE out to all facebook friends for the pepsi challenge. not the first time but used all Capitals today.