Rescue Journal

watch what you wish might one day come true.

Carol  ·  Oct. 29, 2010

i hope this post is long enough to move scrappy's big picture down so it uncovers the voting buttons! he is a big cat and apparently he takes very big pictures! (ha ha.. sorry sheila and leila...i couldn't resist!)..if it doesn't, i will have to write something more!

well folks, here's my advice for the night.....don't anyone ever start your own is not what you think...back away slowly from this deceptive dream if you have it and volunteer somewhere else as much as you can. the pain, the fear, the worry, the doubts, the pitfalls, the ambushes are just not worth the cost to your lives.

having your own rescue is not about just the is about survival.....and fighting to survive every day is not a whole lot of fun. i am telling truly does suck in more ways than i will tell you cuz i just don't feel like going down that dark and crazy road right now...i will be up writing all night.

i am all for good and honest and trustworthy people volunteering in rescue as much as they can...but think twice (or ten times) about going out on your own...i say let someone else take the lead and the falls and the bumps and is a way smarter and safer way to help animals....let some other fool be responsible...let them be the ones to break and bleed.

gee...don't i just sound cheery tonight?....maybe i better go back to bed and play some more with daphne and her soggy blue is cheap therapy.



Sounds like a ruff night. I was up too. shoulda done tea and bisquits Could you also check your phone messages :j


lol......i just want to save others from having the same difficulties in rescue life....soggy blue midnight therapy monkeys eventually wear out and then what do you do???

i have no idea.

Bonnie Jordan

I'm sure this is true for some Carol, but you're a leader not a follower so for you it wouldn't work any other way. Although there are obviously days you would rather be a follower............

Barbara DeMott

We have been voting here for Saints on the Sunshine Coast. Rescue may be hard but look at all your supporters from everywhere. How cool!!