Rescue Journal

what a pepsi challenge roller coaster ride!

Carol  ·  Oct. 31, 2010

i couldn't sleep much last guts are tied in knots..i am trying not to be too hopeful but now that we are up in second is hard not to be.

ah well...hope floats at saints today until it actually sinks....but man oh man..hope is a dangerous thing!

i went to bed early last night to watch tv with the bed buddies....ann helped me rearrange the furniture configuration to make it easier to clean and to give us all some extra room.

the problem i found last night is...the dogs are just as set on which part of the bed they like to sleep on as they are in which rooms they want to live. with the bed pushed up against the far means i only have access to get in one side..and that is the side they are all determined to sleep on!

so no lie here...i am laying there sleepless with worry and looking at 3/4's of an empty kingsized bed while the dogs and i are squished onto the very there is a huge and unneccessary waste of sleeping space!

anyway..i think i have figured it out...maybe the bed just needs one more quarter turn to sort us all out.

i think i will need to get dee in the shower today...she is soaking wet from leaking urine again. we started her on hormonal replacement which the vet recommended to see if that is an extra issue for her besides her diabetes. it will take a week or so to see if this works.

the two new little guys are great..happy and HUNGRY for treats...those two know exactly when and what i am eating cuz they are right there with everyone else diligently promoting the practice of saints food sharing!

the one who is most changed by the new guys arrival is....bambi! she is besides herself with 2 new little shitz's just like her (but not really...the new guys being breeders are actually pretty....bambi sadly missed that gene pool and is slightly homely..on the outside..inside she is lovely!) anyway...she has been so cute and happy...bombing around here trying to get them to play...too funny. like likes like i guess and she really likes them both....maybe shitz' have a special breed play club to which they like to belong.

even tho we pixie-proofed the cat run...i still get periodically freaked if i don't see the little escape artist immediately and she is a tiny little bugger for burrowing under blankets...with very little bump to be seen, sometimes it is hard to actually find her! i thought i lost her this morning when i couldn't find where she was...but i eventually did find her all curled up and safe and warm.

ok..perdy is back in after her morning foray and pee..she has already had 2 of my pirate cookies so for awhile at least she is happy. i better get dressed and grab breakfast before the troops arrive it is time to distract myself with work until this last day of voting ends.

wish us luck and good fortune in this...the saints animals medical care really does need a miracle funding save today!



Wishing you all the luck in the world~I hope you win! I have voted everyday & asked all of my Three Hundred friends on Facebook to Vote for you also! If you don't win, I work for a Crown Corporation & would be happy to help you out with some fundraising through work!
Have faith & thanks for all you do for these animals....& love reading your blogs!!!