Bale Sale to Benefit SAINTS rescue: BAKERS & BUYERS WANTED!!!

Jenn  ·  Nov. 2, 2010

Ok so keep voting in the new round of the Pepsi Challenge for SAINTS and in the Petfinder Shelter Challenge (buttons on the left) that is excellent thank you. But now here is a chance to get your hand dirty, raise some money the old fashioned way, and also score some tasty treats.

Scotiabank will match all money raised and last year they raised A LOT of money ... yeah like thousands and thousands. With all of the new intakes we need this money. So get baking and get ready to get buying.

I have create a facebook event (and oops I should have done it through the SAINTS facebook page but I did not sorry) but I did put the link the event on the SAINTS facebook page though. Anyone can join and invite friends and family. Here is the link:

Laura is running this show and says,

We need lots of baking of all kinds(cookies, squares, tarts, loaves, pies, cupcakes, muffins anything decadent or healthy).
Please try and label what the item is. Also package items like cookies in a variety of amounts say 6 or 12 etc pkgs. If anyone has a contact to supply us with extra packaging containers that would be helpful because every year stuff is brought in not packaged and we need to do it. Also we need bags for people to haul away their goodies in. We will do the pricing at the bank.

All baking must be delivered no later than Wed Nov 24th so we can do all the pricing Thursday prior to the sale Friday. I can pick up baking at Saints no later than Wed or it can be delivered right to the bank Wed or Thur between 9:30-3:30

*** for more information please email Laura at

I also created this poster. If you want a copy to email or pass around just email me: and I will email it to you.


Here is a closer look at some of the images that I used they are my photos on acid! haha I tried to communciate that SAINTS is a happy fun place for multi-species who are old but still full of vigor and life.

This one is Bibi's head in a kitten's body

This one is Caroline the sheep with bunny ears

This is Jerome the SAINTS lone Rooster in his very own Andy Warhol

And finally here is Czar being a cheeky lil' buggar!



Hi Linda,

Laura is hosting the bake sale I wont even be there I will be working that day. You could email her (her email address is listed in this post) or could you ask her on the weekend.

Linda de J.

These posters are simply amazing. You are a very talented photographer!

My grade 6 class has just finished painting pictures of dogs. I wonder if you would like to use them at the bake sale to help decorate?


oh Tammy, Please check the pages and let me know if i missed anyone. (yes the photos will be coming, but the names are there).


Another way to fund raise!


Hey Louise, I will glady pick up some treats with your donation and I'm sure the weekend warriors will gladly eat them! My Scotiabank branch in Mission has been so awesome to Saints. Raising well over 20,000 during the last few years between fundraisers and the employee volunteer program.


This makes me smile, I work for Scotiabank in Comox and we love the animals at my branch too! I will send a donation through our bank courier bag. Maybe Laura can buy a few treats for me and take them to the SAINTS volunteers since I don't live there.