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Carol  ·  Nov. 2, 2010

i watched that streamlined video on line that colleen b recommended "Earthlings"....i cried, i was horrified. i did not realize how naive i am...i knew that commercial farming and the whole slaughter process was inheritently cruel...but i thought it was a sort of beign kind of that is necessary and accepted because of profit/cost margins not one that was so intentional. i just did not realize the horror and absolute brutality of it because of the sadistic ways that some humans choose to behave. i can never again risk some animal i eat or wear...would ever, ever be treated like that. the thought makes me sick inside.

that whole video was one horror after another..animals exploited for.....companions, food, clothing, medical research and entertainment.....a two and a half hour nightmare of the most terrible abuses, all over the world.

anyway..i have been sitting on the fence for a long time..sometimes i eat meat, sometimes i don't but i have never stopped buying dairy, seafood, and leather products...too lazy i guess...i never even once ever tried.

but the combination of the "Earthlings" video following marisa's comment..."not because of me..." and i finally "got it."

i can chooose to live my personal life in a way that does not only refuse to participate but pay for and reward acts of human extreme brutality to other innocent species.

i am done.

nicole went with me to the grocery store and helped me find good and safe things to eat.i already have a brand i like of not tested on animals soap and shampoo and i am lucky that i happen to like my ugly rubber shoes and boots so no more leather just won't be an issue for me. feeding the saints animals is a big moral conflict and i guess my ethics will have to be fluid in this for now.

last night as i made myself watch that video..... i was truly ashamed to be a member of the human species. our needs, our greeds, our rights and our wants...our thoughtless and careless daily convenience....we are the very real monsters of every animal on earth's worst nightmare....i don't want to be one of their monsters anymore.




I've read the SAINTS blog for quite a while now and love so much of what is done to help animals. Your post today really impacted me, as it's a struggle I've recently come to face myself. In a world where we don't have all the information, it's very difficult to make choices that accurately reflect our personal belief systems. I hope that you are able to find the solutions you are looking for as you explore these other options.

If you have time, you may want to read <i> Trauma Farm </i> by the local poet Brian Brett, as it goes into some of the issues surrounding small farms in the face of factory farming, in addition to addressing food today. For more on food today, <i> In Defense of Food </i> by Michael Pollan provides many more ideas on how and why we eat as we do, the benefits and dangers thereof, and what the future looks like if we continue on as we are now.


Yay Carol!!! I'm so thrilled that you've taken this step. And, do not do NOT have to be perfect. Any small step you take in the direction of veganism is a positive one. And think of how many people you're educating just by having your blog. If we simply think about these issues we have already done so much more than most.

Remember to get B12 supplements!! :-)

chris t

I would also keep in mind that not everyone can do this. I cannot. When I stoppedveating meat I became even sicker than I already am with ulcerative colitis. Instead I try to get at least some of my meat from local, less cruel sources. It is a very complicated issue for sure.

colleen b

Don't be afraid to watch! Be brave and then get your friends to watch too :)


i just watched a video about temple grandin a few weeks ago...she is an amazing woman!


I too am afraid to watch it :((

But isn't that telling?? I love animals so much... Will hurt to watch but am game. Will indeed be a lesson :(

colleen b

How nice of PETA to compile such a list!

I regularly see some of these brands in local pet stores

colleen b

I'm so glad you watched it. I cried too and I'm ashamed to say I had to cover the screen more than once, but it hurt too much to see some of that. I've been conflicted for a long time, especially growing up in Southern Alberta in a town with one of the world's largest slaughterhouses. It's just what you do here. I know it's hard at the grocery store, but believe me, BC makes it a whole lot easier than hillbilly Alberta!!!

I thought I came to the conclusion that I could eat meat, dairy and eggs if I did a little extra work and sourced it from places that treat the animals with respect. But as Earthlings shows, you just never know and things are never what they appear to be.

My sis-in-law is vegan and it's extra work, but there are still plenty of cookies and brownies to be had! Make the choices that your conscience can be happy with and find that teenie little section in the grocery store that has all sorts of meat alternatives.

Some of the bigger centres have Planet Organic stores which are great for vegan shopping. I see there's one in PoCo - lucky you! - 2755 Lougheed Highway (Next to Sport Mart and Pier 1)

I'll do some poking around to see what I can find out about cruelty free animal feed. That's a tough call...they really do need the meat.

Louise Z.

If you want a great reference to help on your way to not using animals in products, try this link from PETA:

What's a really great start for cleaning products is that Clorox' Green Works is not tested on animals (finally).

Carol Ann

Fantastic another vegetarian is born. It gets easier with time to find substitutes. I can't imagine eating or abusing an ellie or percy or emily or joy or a chicken or duck. You will feel better too cause we are not meant to eat flesh and all that is added to the poor animals diets. NEVER AGAIN BECAUSE OF US! yeah.

Louise Z.


Going vegan is "somewhat" hard - there are choices out there - and I do stress the word choice. It just requires a whole lot of label reading - get used to bringing your eyeglasses to every single store you go to! You will be shocked at how some things, like milk or "milk ingredients" and eggs are in EVERYTHING - even in soups, sauces and breads. Forget about ever eating most cookies and chocolate bars again!

I have been wanting the government to introduce Vegan and vegetarian labeling to make it easier for consumers to make the right choice. A simple green VEG or V symbol on food would make it soooo much easier!

Payless Shoes offers non-leather alternatives, and while there is a lot of faux leather products out there, I think wearing it sends out the wrong message.

Good for you. You will be healthier and happier for choosing a vegan lifestyle. I know I am. And the animals will be happier....and alive too.


here is the list that includes oreos!

and here is the list of amy's brand products that are vegan: