Animal Updates

lilith is not great tonight...

Carol  ·  Nov. 3, 2010

she is not horrible either...just looking a little bit weaker and frailer than normal and her breathing is just a tad bit faster than it should be. there is a lot of condensation on the windows in there tonight so i turned on the dehumidifier...maybe she feels the mugginess makes it harder to breathe.

Photobucket it a full moon or something for cardiac cats? her cardiac disease has been relatively stable with her current medications for months now... so why tonight...on the heels of tiko? it some weird moon faze thing or am i just paranoid tonight?

i gave her a second small dose of lasix (she has been on just one dose per day, but it can be given more every 4-6 hours if she needs) and a small dose of pain meds just in case. if she is the same in the morning, i will whip her down to the vets and see if she needs a med readjustment...i really hope she is not heading for a cardiac crises.

murray is not looking good either...i think he is starting with a secondary infection because of his FeLV. he is so thin and frail now too but he still gobbles up his food every chance he can get. renee has him back on the zithromax and tammy held him for me while i cleaned his face and applied his antibiotic eye soon as he was done, he wanted his temptations treats. tonight when i was just in settling them all for bed...he nosed dived into the fresh canned food i put out altho they still hadn't eaten everything up from their earlier feed. murray apparently likes his food fresh!


so far everyone else seems ok tonight but i am worried enough about lilith that i will check her again at midnight. we can always go over to emerg if she needs but hopefully she will stay as she is (or get better) until morning.

the real problem i am worried about is she has parked herself right in the middle of little misters favorite bed...if he tries to get in there she is going to whack him and i think whacking a blind little dog in his very own bed is totally unfair. i told him to go sleep with yoshi tonight..but he was too busy wandering around licking clean everyones left over bedtime bowls.

lilith may be a skinny old girl with a really crappy heart but she packs a mean swipe with her paw and she is not afraid to use it on any stupid dog...little mister i am sending you mental signals.......sleep with yoshi, sleep with yoshi, sleep with yoshi tonight!

Give me that BED!

Huh? but this is MY bed ... hey no fair I can't see



Murray definitely likes fresh food. He wasted no time snacking on the vole he and Brianne cornered in the outdoor run. Frail as he is, he still showed himself to be a mighty hunter.