Rescue Journal

ok...this just pisses me off!

Carol  ·  Nov. 3, 2010

i just put down tiko who was a beautiful and well loved yet homeless cat and what do i find in my inbox?

this poor little bugger who freaking had a home before he or she got dumped off at an LA shelter...who lets their animal get into this kind of shape?!

anyway..i said they could stick this wee one in on the transport with the others coming up. poor thing!




I'm not usually a paranoid person but find it strange that twice now a group has come out of nowhere and zoomed way ahead in the Shelter Challenge. If they had inched up gradually it would have been expected.


I dunno no ones ditial cameras I know date stamp pictures ... so that is odd in itself


Because sometimes idiots (moi) when trying to set up the time and date accidently press the button that says done. That is why our new thermostat has a 2008 date.


camera date/times can be incorrect. not sure how/why they get messed up, but sometimes they are wrong (hopefully, that's the case).


hey...techy folks??? i was just looking closer at that picture and i couldn't see really well so i zoomed it...why would the date stamp say 01/26/2006????

is that maybe just an old picture that gets sent around like a virus but the dog is not really at the bakersfield shelter any more (i get alot of help this dog in timbucktu missouri but that dog needed help months or years ago.)

or can time stamps get stuck on cameras and that is a recent picture but the dates are all wrong?
i kind of want to know this cuz i don't need to get all upset or save a spot for a long gone dog of the past?


That is completely shameful on her owners part. Poor gal :( Glad she will be making the journey to Saints.


That sounds like Andy... I call him the Disney dog when he runs in the field or gets the zoomies on the manure pile... if you put it in slow would be a scene right from Walt.

Helene B

oh my goodness!!! Those are some serious mattes! It must be so uncomfortable for him :( He sure will look like a totally different dog after a little makeover and lots of love and care :)

btw i looked at some of the other dogs pictures on your site. I can't remember his name but there's one that's totally cute ( well they're all cute but he's super cute !) with long hair he look like a little mop :D and with his haircut he look totally different but still super cute. I think he's my favorite from looking at the pictures alone :)