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there are 4 very worthwhile BC animal welfare charities in this round of the pepsi challenge

Carol  ·  Nov. 4, 2010

$100,000 category...the BCSPCA is currently in 4th

$25,000 category...SAINTS in 1st, Turtle Gardens in 2nd.

$10,000 category....VOKRA in 36th place

i am giving all of us my votes.

plus a couple of other great animal welfare ideas and then am splitting the rest of my votes for the helping people focused ideas. there are proposals to renovate an area and to feed hungry after school kids in dawson creek, there is hot lunch programs in several different schools, there are reconnecting youth programs, and ideas to help the disabled, the ill and the marginalized...there are some really great helping ideas so please take the time to read thru some of the others, even the ones way far down the leaders list ....this isn't just about voting about SAINTS who we all is about some other great ideas and groups out there too working really hard to make the world less difficult for someone.



Beverley, after you've voted, go up to the wording that says "View other ideas in this category" (or something like that). That will then allow you to see all the different categories. You can click on each one and then you click on each monetary category to see all the different ideas. Hope this helps!


Beverley, you have 10 votes a day but you can only vote for each organization once a day. There are lots of other great animal rescues etc needing votes, for example VOKRA in 10K, Turtle Gardens also in 25K etc..that you can vote for as well, or any group that you are interested in supporting.


The Lloydminster SPCA is also in the $100,000 catagory.
I Lucy (one of my cats) from there in 1994.

Beverley Wristen

I am having problems figuring out how to vote 10 times. After voting once it says that i have 9 votes left but then how do i go about voting again?


they've finally updated the standings and vokra is now in 1st in their category!!

Jenn Hine

VOKRA is where Brutus came from I found them difficult to find because the site has changed a bit from last time so here is the link:

Also please vote in the Petfinder Shelter Challenge each day too as SAINTS is starting to slip. Here is the link for that:

The 2 buttons to vote for SAINTS is on the left hand side of this blog you can also create short cuts to this links on your computer desk top.