Rescue Journal

there is a science to doing radio interviews over the telephone at saints...

Carol  ·  Nov. 4, 2010

it involves tricking the dogs into thinking you are just going to the bathroom and not actually doing anything important or interesting.

so you watch the clock until about 30 minutes before the phone call..then you turn off the lights, put on the tv and lay down on the bed. everyone now thinks you are settled for the night and there will be no more visitors, no more snacks, no more phone calls or trips in and out the door...everyone now can find their best sleeping spot and relax.

25 minutes later you stretch, give a big yawn and head off to the bathroom in the dark. you grab a book to read and curl up on the bathmat and lean against the tub until the phone rings...and you make sure you have the phone plugged into the charger so it doesn't go dead in the middle of THE sentence about asking folks to vote for us in the pepsi challenge.

once the phone rings you do the interview and talk about the animals and the place you love best in the world. and at the end you are really grateful that the dogs never clued in that you were doing anything that they missed out on barking thru.

thank you UBC radio for promoting saints on your program...and thank you bleek for loving your own senior dog so long and so well.

now i better sneak back into my room before they think i am doing something (like blogging and snacking) that they are missing out on.


Louise Z.


Just a heads up that I have written to The Express and the Ellen Degeneres show about Saints in the hope that one or both will do a feature on Saints.