Rescue Journal

chester the alberta FIV cat arrives at the airport this morning

Carol  ·  Nov. 5, 2010

i will pick him up at 9;30. i hope he is not too frightened or traumatized....i always worry a great deal while they are in actual transit until i have them safe and sound and i can see them to make sure they have survived the trip ok. there is a several hour period where he is out of his alberta rescue hands and before he arrives into mine...that is the time that i worry about..i want him safe and not afraid.

the LA dog transport is off for now first they were going to arrive late sunday night which is terrible timing for me..i will be leaving for work just before 6 am monday morning and we wouldn't have had a chance to settle them in and see how they are with everyone else around here yet. but then it looked like they could get here late on saturday night...sometime after midnight..which worked out much better cuz then i had at least a whole day to get to know them and assess them before returning to work.

but now that plan has fallen thru so we are waiting to hear when they might arrive here. it is a long way for these dogs to requires a good network of available at the right time, animal loving folks along the way to do each leg of the journey..i think the coordination of the travel stuff must be a major worry and headache. oh well...these are all elderly animals who are not adoptable in the shelters they came from. this is the only chance they have to finish their lives somewhere caring and nice. for them the hassle and headaches are worth it...i just hope that they arrive fairly soon.

i am glad i don't have to figure the travel out...saints job begins the second they arrive here and continues for the rest of their lives...but i do worry about those guys too until they actually do safely arrive.

then the other long term worry begins...finding their happy things, paying their vet bills..making sure that we do our part by making their lives significantly better...full of good loving care and some good old fashioned, dog kind of fun.

it is a good thing that running in fields, getting my bed filthy muddy dog dirty, and rolling in horse poop is totally easy and free!

well...i better get dressed, do the diabetic insulins and get over to the abbotsford airport to meet our new sainted one.



Sorry that this is unrelated to Carol's post...

I just wanted to thank everyone who also voted for the BC SPCA in the Pepsi challenge! The application was a lot of work, but I'm glad we tried to "go big or go home". Finishing fourth in the $100,000 category was pretty good, I think, considering our competition.

Although we rolled over to this voting cycle, I've been asked to remove our application so that we can apply again in a future cycle without tiring out our voters too much.

Thanks again! And of course I'm reminding everyone at work to continue to vote for SAINTS. :)