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i am sorry but give me a break here...

Carol  ·  Nov. 6, 2010

why do people have to make these grant voting contests into something not quite really honest or right. i see we have dropped into third place in the petfinder contest..which is fine. except we got knocked down by a group that i have never heard of in my entire life that are based 30 minutes from here and they have not a single animal listed on their empty petfinder site too. i am supposed to believe that these folks are working so hard in rescue that they have even more supporters voting for them then we do? that is a big stretch of the imagination for me.

so i have to ask exactly did they manage to surpass us in votes?

this is the last petfinder round we are going to be competeing in for at least a while....we have talked about it amongst ourselves and acknowledged that saints needs NOT to compete to give other worthy animal rescues a chance to win sometimes too. we have been in the top money 2 each time we have been in and we are really lucky to have the support that we have...and not everyone has that level of support but still do really great work and deserve a fair chance to win.

while we may need that money as much as the next guy...we have won it enough and it is only fair to let others have a chance to win too. but geez it pisses me off for ANYONE to try to win by not following the contest voting person, one vote per day..that is petfinders shelter contest rules in a nut shell. and the assumption is that the rescues who are actually competing are out there rescuing animals too.

from a practical point of view it is totally stupid to be risking your entire rescues current and future reputation just to win one thousand dollars. i am looking at that group that has surpassed us against any kind of reasonable odds and now i am are they doing it? why are they doing it? and what does this mean about them as an ethical rescue?

i personally think it probably means quite a lot. if i am wrong here...i truly apologise but these folks who i have never heard of are winning with an entirely EMPTY petfinder info on the front page, no animals listed as adoptable and not a single animal in their happy tales page. i am wondering about that....looks fishy to me.

and that brings up another point here about these types of contests for folks to consider. as voters it is our responsibility to try to ensure that whoever we actually are voting for will be able and willing to use the funds if won as they say. i personally am not too keen to be funding good intentions or pipe dreams or outright scams..i want clear and demonstrated histories and abilities to follow thru and meet the stated goals so i know my vote will do the most good and it wasn't wasted. so i look into the groups that i am voting for as best i can (being a non techno kind of person) to make sure they can and will do whatever it is that they are hoping to win for.

i said before to vote with your for whatever you feel is the best place available to get what you want done in this world...but vote with your head and your integrity too. i want to make sure that my votes count for something real and achievable, not for political gain, not for personal gain, not so saints or any other rescue will win at any cost.

that is how i find and keep my personal ethics intact... this is not just about applying for grants or trying to win supporters, donors or contests to fund what we do is about seeking out these special opportunities and doing the best we can..honestly, ethically and within the stated mandates to meet the needs of the animals here. and one of the very real needs these animals to be cared for by humans who are honest and caring and committed to doing things in the most ethical and responsible ways that they can.

so that is my thought for the day...if we or anybody else asks us to vote for us in whatever...make sure that the vote you are giving is about doing the right thing. do your research, look at what you are voting for and make sure it is something that you fully support and are comfortable with...if not use your vote somewhere that fits with your ethics and values and beliefs a bit better.

i vote with my heart, i vote with my head, i vote with my conscience and i vote by the stated rules and actual winning or losing c0mes right after truly is not if we win or is about how we choose to play the game. i don't want to feel sleazy or embarrassed about how we or lose...i want to feel proud that we tried as hard as we could and followed the rules...then either/or can be lived with ok.



I think I found the same info you did Mauro - it is amazing what google can do for you.

Leila was just reading this with me and said - that when she worked at Cantel people would try to figure out how they could get away with not working and still get paid for it - and they wouldn't think it was cheating - same idealogy in different circumstances.


i am not sure of the whole techno logisitics of how many different ways people can cheat and get away with it..i actually don't care enough to figure it out.
in the olden days if you got caught cheating in poker you got shot dead on the we just accept it as part of human nature i suppose to win at any and all costs. and if everyone else is doing it..why not get in on it too???
too sad. even sadder if the charities themselves are can you possibly trust someone to do the work you are supporting them to do if you know and support them in cheating and lying. it just does not make any sense to me.

in this case i do believe being a loser is much better than being a winner any day of the week.

i could re-write some songs with this topic...

where have all the ethics gone...long time passing
i'm a loooooser...

Mauro Salles

Hi, Sheila!

I apologize because I'm "by-passing" Carol now, but the answer is YES.

I can send you the same info sent Jenn. Is that OK for you?

Prefer do not post on the blog.


Didn't you tell me Carol that the petfinder people will go through and throw out multiple votes from the same ip address. So one person voting through multiple sites can't eventually get away with it?

Mauro Salles

Yes, Carol, I know that.

I just sent Jenn some information, showing that the contests are unfair and clarifying how people "multiply" votes, "miraculously". And there is something ugly happening in Pepsi Refresh Contest, US version.

These are the reasons I sent a private message ...



sadly mauro if you are speaking about those links floating around that people can use to multiple vote without getting caught...we know about them and we won't be using them. $25,000 is not worth becoming a cheat for the rest of my life. i will give the animals pretty much anything..but not that.

Mauro Salles

Unfortunately, you can vote multiple times a day. I'm gonna sent Jenn a private message, thinking you must know the "issue" (???).


I think they have a large network of volunteers & a nationwide email list of folks that are supporting them.

I don't see anything in the shelter rules to say that an organization has to use the site.....



I agree. They don't use Petfinder, and they don't have any info there, not even a link to their website.


if they don't use petfinder how can they be in the contest? it seems odd to me unless they just opened a petfinder page to be eligible to win one of the grants..but they should still list some info on there cuz it currently looks like a ghost page.


I checked up on this today. It seems to be a legit and worthwhile rescue group, Canada-wide. But they don't use PetFinder, and they don't have an actually physical shelter to maintain, although I suspect many of their dogs are in foster waiting to be adopted, which is great. I just think $1000 goes so much further for a rescue trying to maintain a facility.

I'm hooked on this voting thing now, thanks to SAINTS!


seems a bit strange, let us hope if they do win the cash it goes to the dogs best interests.

cheryl and stef

i just googled the airedale rescue and it does have quite a large canada wide rescue organization with one of the locations being in BC, i wonder if they are connected?