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saints welcomes chester

Carol  ·  Nov. 7, 2010

the little alberta FIV street cat.

go figure because chester is the most unique looking cat i have ever seen. he is a tabby and white...but he is not a brown tabby, grey tabby or black tabby and white...he is literally a deep milk chocolate, mahogany tabby and white...i have never seen this color on a tabby cat before.

i do believe he is part siamese...chester was gifted with two crossed eyes and i am sure that the mahogany color comes from his siamese gene pool.

anyway...he was totally freaked out when i picked him up without incident from the airport and the crossed eyes made him look even more freaked out if possible. he is a very sweet and sensitive cat. and he is currently chilling out in the back cat room in a holding pen until i am sure he has acclimatized, eating and drinking well and is safe to set loose here.

welcome chester..i bonded with you on friday before i even met you because the airlines accidentally lost that you are safely here....i hope eventually you will choose to bond with me too.
and you are such a beautiful cat...maybe we will find you the perfect home of your own, one day soon!!

Here are a couple pics Tammy snapped of Chester today


In case you missed it here is the post about how the airline originally LOST Chester and he ended up making a round trip back to Edmonton, poor fella:



all i know of chester's history is he was an unneutered tom, trapped off the streets by SAVE, and they don't have a shelter, just foster homes and none of them were able to take in an FIV positive cat. they neutered and vaccinated him and boarded him at their vets and treated his ear mites until they were able to fly him out to us...they did a good job following thru and caring for him well until they could get him here...chester is very grateful for all of their hard work!


Hi Poppy, yes you can drop off your containers and goodies at the Mission Scotiabank on Thur. 25th between 9 - 4 Thanks


Had a look at Chester this morning. The dark stripes are almost chestnut coloured - Chester Chestnut. Friendly little guy.


Hi is there a link to Chester's past life in Alberta? He seems famous.


The pictures don't quite do his colouring justice. You really have to see him to see how unique his colouring is.


What a sweet heart:)

I have containers suitable for the bake sale from my days working in the school kitchen. Can drop off the day before sale as well as some goodies from me and my girls :) Hoping it all goes very well!

(Will drop off at bank if that is capiche?)


well he sort of reminds me a bit of bobby brown but with more white: (here is bobby brown's page).


He is a sweet and handsome boy. Seemed to be settling in well when I was there.