Rescue Journal

here is a very nice email i opened this morning...

Carol  ·  Nov. 8, 2010

Greetings, Carol, well my buddy and I visited Saints yesterday and in a word we were "AMAZED". What a wonderful environment your society provides for the Saints. Laura gave us a fabulous tour. Many times I felted welled up inside with emotion. There were so many experiences, it is hard to find one thing that impressed me more than an other. We were blown away by your dedication and compassion. Every member of your team that we met was no less amazing.......

so glad they liked the place....we do love to share and it looks like we have a couple of more volunteers to join our amazing team of caregivers too!
(there are two things here that make us amazing...the heart stopping wonderful animals, and the incredible people who care for them here.)

now i have to leave for vacation as it was is finally over...ratz!


Carol Ann

That's great and yes I'll say it again SAINTS is a very happy place --yes there is sadness when one of them has to leave this world but we all know they experienced lots of love while they were at SAINTS. Watching Carol with them is so uplifting--her gentleness and excellent care is a beautiful thing to see. As my daughter Dionne said she is an amazing woman!


It is always nice when you give tours to people who get what Saints is about. People sometimes at first think it's going to be a sad place, but when they meet our very colorful crew of animals with such amazing spirit they soon discover what a happy place Saints is.

Jenn I left some completed volunteer applications on the desk in Reggie's room and one couple said they would be emailing you theirs.