Rescue Journal

planning my morning routine in my head

Carol  ·  Nov. 11, 2010

i woke up at 5 instead of 6 when my alarm was set because i was worried about the timing of things this morning...i used to always feed the barn before work but haven't now in a couple of years so i was trying to recall the timing of this. it is not a huge deal cuz i already warned work i might be late but i would prefer not to be. and i don't want to feed everyone too early cuz KO won't be here til 9 to turn them all out.
anyway..i finally figured if i hit the barn by 7 am and the diabetics by 7:45..i should get out of here by right on at 8 and pull into work exactly on time.

the trick will be to not get dirty cuz if i have to change it will screw everything up. this means picking clothes today that hay will not stick to and a jacket dark enough to hide an occasional nudge. i will switch from boots to work shoes tho...can't go to work in mucklucks and i should have picked out my appropriate clothing last night...duh.

i was lazy this morning and did not put down enough carpets to get perdy out...she did the spread eagle across the kitchen floor and i feel like a total shit head for being lazy now. phoebe's blanket fell off during the night so she was happy to see me early to pick it up and cover her over again. this is probably the only reason phoebe actually likes me cuz i can hear her blankie language easily altho everything else she constantly babbles gets lost in my head.

chester is doing pretty good...we are closing off one of the rooms and letting him out of his cage for a bit every day. you can tell he is a sensitive nervous little cat so i don't want to give him too much freedom too soon or he will hit the outside cat run and not want to come back in like jake was doing. jake by the way is doing better in the medical room..he is still keeping a low profile but he doesn't seem as stressed. and peter has decided he likes the chair in dorothy's open pen best so he is happy with that.

so at least all of the new cats are doing ok...just bart is kind of lonely all by himself. another week or so and we can re-test and then put him somewhere more localized. multiple new cats in are highly stressful for me, i am glad we are full again for quite awhile.

ok..i better get dressed now.



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Jake is a wonderful cat. He loves to be held and he loves to be petted. He's a little skittish at first but once he gets to know you he can be your best friend.