Rescue Journal

we are planning a general meeting...

Carol  ·  Nov. 12, 2010

for all board members and emotionally invested volunteers to brainstorm the future for saints. these past 6 years have been about getting set up and establishing ourselves and the next few years will be making sure we are on the road that we are willing and able to continue on..i am seriously looking at retirement within the next 5-8 years so saints needs a plan, a direction and a road map to guide us up to and past that point and onwards into the future.

so i am thinking of saturday or sunday december 11th or 12th at noon for a potluck/meeting in the mp room.
what works best for the folks who would like to attend? the end of this week, i have to have the xmas letter written if we are to get it formatted, printed and mailed off in time. we are looking for volunteers to help with the folding and stuffing of envelopes..we try to get them in the mail by the beginning of december at the latest so the last week in november is when we will be needing the extra help with these...if you are able, please let me is something you can take home and do as long as they are back here when we need to address and mail them.



we can put you on speaker phone so you can hear and join in if you want!


im emotionally invested and i totally wanna come! either day ok. also can help with christmas cards.


I vote for Sunday.

Jenny and I can do a bunch of envelopes after poop duty, and if there are any left I can bring some home for my mum and I to tackle.

Ann C

I would be happy to stuff enevelopes and I would like to attend the meeting either day is fine for me.


I can stuff envelopes, and Sunday is better for me since I come that day; but I can come on Saturday instead and do cleaning first, and meeting after - if that works best for everyone else.

Linda de J.

I can help with envelopes. Regarding the meeting, Sunday the 12th would work best for me.

Francesca Wilson

Carole I would like to come and Saturday December 11th is good. Don would also come and we can give him cleanup and work to do!! Marie and I are at SAINTS this Wednesday - happy to take home envelopes to stuff.