Rescue Journal

interesting day

Carol  ·  Nov. 13, 2010

we did a few tours..we freaked out over al..i met the dingo dog...her name is bambi and i do believe she may really be an elderly dingo. i sent her family away to discuss this as saints will not be an easy adjustment for this dog. she is elderly, she is different than other dogs, she is coming from a good home who loved her, and i can see that she is highly intelligent too....all of this adds up to a difficult adjustment for her. the family just called and after sitting down and discussing it, they believe that saints is the best option for her....since the only other option was euthanization, i can totally see how they reached this conclusion.

they are driving back out from vancouver so she will be here in an hour or two...sigh..unhappy dog on the way...yikes, this is going to be so hard for both of us...i hope i can do right by her. hope floats for bambi 2...bambi 1 is happy so hopefully bambi 2 will be happy eventually too.

leila was out observing the classy hens...she is writing a paper for her masters program on "do chickens have culture?" i saw her very cute foster pup...what an absolute doll! KO was in 7th heaven discussing her favorite barnyard birds with someone who was truly as interested in them as KO is.

the mongolian monster is back...and yes he is still totally in love with laura...he was literally swooning while sucking up to her and professing his undying love, apparently six months later and his love still burns just as bright as it used to..that dog is such a drama queen..i forgot how much he makes me smile.

and finally...wilson was adopted today. he found himself a very good home with the resident 14 yr old cat for a best friend. as always the first few weeks are a trial to make sure this is the best match for everyone concerned. wilson is such a very nice cat that i think all will fine. i know he just got here but i will miss my little buddy, he is a great, great little guy.


ok..i better put the barn guys to bed a bit early so i am free to watch the new bambi feel upset and afraid...this is so going to suck.... i truly hate watching hearts break...i will just keep reminding myself that bibi's broken heart did eventually heal.
and.... is a temporary unhappiness worth giving up the rest of your life? at 15 years old?..sadly, i do not know the answer to that one. i can only hope she makes it thru this to find happy again...she is a lovely old girl.



Your right - heartbreaking it will be. My thoughts are with you, Bambi 2, and Bambi's family.
What a beautiful soul you are - everything touches you so deeply....