Rescue Journal

is she a dingo or is she not???

Carol  ·  Nov. 13, 2010

i really don't know.
she looks like this dingo except she is old and fat. she does have front dew claws and the reading i have done says PB dingos don't have dews...altho the one in this picture does look like it has front dew claws too.

in any case...forget if she is a dingo or looking at her i am thinking she looks like she has cushings disease. she has the barrel body, the very poor coat and the slightly bugging eyes of a cushings or maybe a hypothyroid dog. once she settles i will get her in to the vet for a good work up and we will see.
personality wise...she is contained and thoughtful even while upset and anxious so that is sort of nice. i think inside this dog is a very wise and old soul...inside this dog is a thinking dog, watching and trying to process what is now happening in her life. she is having nothing to do with my paltry treats, she is too busy thinking about important things to be interested in whatever i am offering. a dog who turns down good human food in times of trials is a dog with a deeply functioning brain (jelly was eating anything i cared to offer the second she walked thru the freaking door!).
but i did get a slight tail wag when she told me to come back into the kitchen and i immediately obeyed...she obviously appreciates humans who are very well trained.

oh well, we will probably never know for sure..all the dingo pictures i looked at, looked like 10 other mixed breed dogs we have had here before. and i actually really don't care much..she is not some wild bush baby which is what i was really worried about, she is a polite and refined lady which will be nice to have around here for a change.

i like her alot, she is interesting and she is nice...welcome to saints dame bambi.

jenn? when are you coming home?..i need my picture size fixed!!