Rescue Journal

webster and i had a disagreement over my vegan breakfast this morning.

Carol  ·  Nov. 13, 2010

i said my toaster waffles and margarine and syrup were not really vegan if he stuck his tongue and saliva all over my food. webster said that if any animal CHOOSES to share any of his body parts or fluids in human food..then it is ok to eat it if we want.

so i guess he is saying since he was choosing to share a bit of himself in my breakfast, i shouldn't complain..but i am complaining anyway cuz i don't stick my tongue in his food.

soooo webster.... stay away from my freaking breakfast... you can drink that left over milk in the fridge instead!

after re-reading that last post, i was watching maude and i am thinking her time is getting pretty close now. i also gave her a peanut butter pirate cookie this morning and she couldn't remember how to eat it anymore. she forgot how to eat kibble and dog cookies a few weeks ago, but still does ok with canned food once she remembers she can't eat the bowl. but 18 yr old maude is getting totally lost in her old age now and i think the time is coming to help her to go. this will be hard because not only is she MY beloved dog..but physically she is not in too bad of shape..ancient and frail yes but otherwise pretty good...except for the mummified brain in her poor little head.

i adore you maudie..where did the whole last 4 years actually go? tomorrow you can have some of my waffle, we'll see if you remember how to eat that, sorry, i suck...i should have thought to give you some today.



Carol Ann

I love Maude and I know how hard it is My Rupert lost it in the end also. I still miss him. I couldn't watch it any more so I gave him his freedom from confusion and discomfort. :(