Rescue Journal

i was unfair here...see! my headache is much better now!

Carol  ·  Nov. 14, 2010

i can think of several circumstances where it was the wives who forced their husbands to get rid of animals the husbands really loved.

i remember gus from 6 years ago..the man had him for 14 years and he adored him... then he remarried and had a new baby. gus was a sweet dog but he wasn't very bright...he blew his anal glands right next to the baby one day when the baby was laying on the floor next to him. omg! brand new mom had a total fit and gus was out the door forever that very day. (anal gland explosions are pretty disgusting but honestly they have never actually killed any babies that i know of.)

and there have been quite a few others where the men and the animals ended up being the victims in love triangles.

so i should not have genderized...that was unfair. and i shouldn't just limit that post to beloved pets either.
when someone you supposedly love and care for..loves and cares for something else as a big part of their could be an animal companion, or a hobby or a could be a passion like volunteering or sports or music or politics...or rescue...whatever it should be treasured and protected and supported by both partners in a marriage. because whatever it is that makes your partner happy...should be making you happy too.

that is how i believe people who share their lives, share their happiness too.