Rescue Journal

she is not a dingo....

Carol  ·  Nov. 14, 2010

she is a god damn door bell!

it started at midnight...hello? i am not happy! Hello! did you hear me???

it is not a is a cross between a high pitch whine and a sharp command.

and it is relentless...30 minutes on and a 10 minute break.

this morning i have a knife in my eye and my ears are ringing.

getting up to be with her makes no difference at just means she can stand next to you and make eye contact out the side of her eyes and bitch at you even more compellingly.

you try writing a blog with a migraine and the cause of said migraine still running her vocal finger nails down her never ending blackboard of complaints.

the thoughtful, contained and dignified old lady has turned into a passionate and pissed off and demanding and determined to right this wrong, self-actualizing advocate.

my poor head is going to pop from the pressure of this unhappy dog's persistence to get whoever is in charge to fix this terrible mistake now!

i envy the deaf dogs.


chance is a mess this morning..he has been dragging himself while pooping and peeing from bed to food bowl since he too was unable to sleep...apparently his way of dealing with too much night time noise, is to use the opportunity to eat.

stripe must have been beside herself with the continued auditory assaults...i bet high pitched yapping rises just like warm air cuz she fell off her fridge last night and landed in the water bucket. i found her soaking wet and waiting in the corner to be air lifted back up to her higher bed.

i wonder if an ice pack will make the feeling of swelling in my eye and ears go down? advil has done diddly squat, my head is still going to explode.

if misery likes company then all of us without hearing deficits are totally miserable.

and this too shall pass...quickly, i hope.

it's ok bambi to be upset by all of this, i would be too...and i do still really like you.

but phoebe better be quiet today because liking her shifts back and forth depending on how i feel..and today i feel like if she starts her own kind of screaming..someone might have to have her vocal cords ripped out and since i would never, ever do that to a new dog..phebers better beware.


Carol Ann

Oh Carol I'm so sorry for your pain and poor little Stripe but that was hilarious. and Bambi 2 i hope she gets her happy back soon for everyones sake. Hope Brenda and Lynne survive.

Jane Stanley

Oh - I am really sorry Carol, and Stripe, but Carol - you really do make me laugh sometimes!
I hope it gets better soon.