Voting for SAINTS

Nicole  ·  Nov. 15, 2010

Just to keep everything organized, here are the links to the 3 contests we are currently in.

Pepsi Challenge
Here is the how to vote for the that contest


Aviva Community Fund
How to vote


How to vote:
- Click on the ’Shelter Challenge’ tab
- Type in S.A.I.N.T.S. -Select CAN -then select BC
- Then click search and VOTE - Repeat Daily!!



I just noticed that if you if you click on like on aviva community grant face book they will give 1 dollar to save the children.

I give a small monthly donation to this organization so I thought I would give them a bit of a plug.


there should be a yellow bar saying you've voted, it's just above the chicken picture (between the number of votes we have and a giant check mark).

For anyone wanting to share the new voting campaign to their facebook friends, you can click <a href="" rel="nofollow"><strong>here</strong></a>, it will make you sign into your facebook account first.

Cathie K

Nicloe,Thanks for the side button..Question??..When I've finished voting there's not a Thank-You your finished,like in the Pepsi challenge.I'm really not sure that my vote went through...Mind you,to say I'm not computer savy would be an under-statement.Thank-You... Cathie K


Thanks Nicole for setting up the "how to vote" info. If I'd looked at it first it wouldn't have taken me so long to figure out how to sign up for the Aviva one. I'm good now - voting for all 3 challenges everyday.


Helga, have you registered yet?
If not visit -
Register, then come back to the saints blog and click on the aviva logo and it should bring you directly to our page.


Hi Nicole. I've run through all the entries on the Aviva thing and can't find Saints.