Rescue Journal

we had a good sleep last night...

Carol  ·  Nov. 15, 2010

bambi was for the most part quiet and slept well too. this morning when i let her out, she came back in on her own. i did not have to go and get her so that is good. she again gave me some slower tail wags as a good morning before she headed off to bed to sleep in some more.
she seems to be making the adjustment..i won't say she is happy about it but she coping pretty good.

it was suzie that pretty much drove me insane last night. that dog derives a great deal of twisted amusement and pleasure from just being a pest. and she always goes for my head and my hair for maximum effect in her pestiness. she thinks it is funny..i think it is annoying but i end up laughing which just encourages her more. luckily if she can beat me to death for about 15 minutes or so, she is good to sleep after that.

misty the new cat is quite upset..she did not eat last night at all. she was right in the very front corner of her cage, blocking the door growling at me for holding her captive in this not very nice place. sadly, she also has no choice in this matter so she might as well start making the adjustment too. but cats are emotionally different then dogs so i worry far more about her then i do about bambi. we will have to see how she does.

everyone else is pretty much ok here...still watching maudie and perdy for that final ending of life moment in time. gideon has me hugely perplexed...he eats far better on the weekend for mo and myself then he does for the staff. i think he is tired of transient caregivers because that barn in the past 3 years has had a total of 8 different caregivers...most have moved on...some have moved to other saints areas but still it is a lot and i think he just prefers the stability of those he knows will always be here.

he is one of those horses who grew very wise in his 35 years of living with human beings.

he is my white knight.

wilbur, our pot belly pig from early 2005, is coming back in the next little while. he would be about 8 years old now and has begun socially isolating himself for the past couple of years. in discussion with his adoptive family, it has been decided that it is in his best interests to return to saints where he will have the company of the other pigs and animals every day. i am just trying to decide the best way to do this because as far as i know, wilbur has never been around his own species before. now this was also true of petunia, herman and ellie and they managed the transition to pig suburbia really well. none of them became deeply bonded friends (petunia and ellie did become good friends in their own way) but they all became good neighbors in passing at the very least so i am hoping the same will be true for when wilbur is just that the transition might be a little bit tricky.
big sigh...we will see how it goes.

i think that is the real miracle at saints..130 different and unique animal personalities living together in close contact and in peace..on the whole almost all of our animals learn to get along well with each other and those of different species. but it takes some work on the humans part to safely encourage the actual good relationship possibilities.

and i have said it before...saints was not only built on and of remains a place of possibilities too and i think that is good.


Carol Ann

That is so good that Bambi is accepting the change rather quickly--you do have a calming effect on the animals and they all love you--she is lucky to be at saints. Our old rotty Archer is in the same boat as Perdy, it is a day to day struggle- one day real bad next day not so bad --what a painful waiting & watching game.