Rescue Journal

it is a rough saints day today.

Carol  ·  Nov. 16, 2010

carol called me, and iky our 18 yr old foster dog is not doing well. her cancer and dementia is starting to make her life a burden, carol was checking in with me that it was ok to let her go pretty soon.

dawn called today too and gracie her sweet ancient foster is also not doing well. she rushed her into the vets late this afternoon and gracie is running a high fever. they took some bloodwork and gave her some drugs, she went home for the night but will go back into the clinic tomorrow.

ryan and renee called me at work today too...sadly one of the brown betty bunnies was found dead this afternoon. no one has been the slightest sick or acting strange, everyone was absolutely fine up until then. i am not sure if it was her heart that gave out so suddenly or what. i don't think any of the smoke from the fire last night got into that area...we found it so quick and opened the doors and windows right away to air it out and the door in the medical room was closed anyway.
i don't know what happened or why she suddenly and without warning passed away..i am just very sad that she did.
rest in peace betty, i am glad you had a chance to live outside of a hanging wire cage and i am glad you didn't get butchered for meat..but i wish you had stayed with us for quite awhile longer.

i am still at work, and laura checked everyone again for me tonight. i am still nervous tho and feel like i should be there now..that little fire episode has freaked me out and taken away my peace of mind.

kai from LA sent me quite a long history on taz...the bulldog they asked us to take that has the vacant hopeless is such a sad story of a really difficult life....
the story makes me wonder how well she will ultimately fit into saints. there could be issues..there probably will be issues..this dog is coming from a very disrupted and unhappy life. she has dealt with abuse (not horrible beatings, but physical punishment) and cringes when touched. she was bullied by a stronger dog for many years and then she was passed around from one isolated neglected home to the next. i am wondering how she will cope with the sometimes chaos of so many saints....i think this too will be very difficult for her.

well..i do have a back up plan. if she needs a quieter and more stable and private space...i suppose reggie can come out of the office and again drive us nutz in the house...altho renee may quit if i actually do that!

we will see i is the thing with taking in animals that we have never met...we have to be flexible and figure things out as they come. it is hard to anticipate the needs of every animal...we need them to get here so we can touch and see and feel them and then we can decide what it is that they mostly need. but i do appreciate as much history as we can get, it can give us a heads up to possible issues...most rescue animals come with no history at all..they walk in our door as a blank slate and we have to figure them out pretty darn fast.



It really sucks about Betty. That group of four were the most laid back, fun to hang out with group of rabbits at SAINTS. They are busy little rabbits that like to help you when you are cleaning their pen.
I'm glad she had four and a half months of just being a rabbit with her sisters.