Rescue Journal

the juggling acts

Carol  ·  Nov. 17, 2010

i just got was sleepless at saints again...this time not the dogs back is hurting again.

i need to do something with ruthie...she is bitchy when the dogs need to walk by her to get in or out. this also is not her fault..due to her profound disability, she feels vulnerable so she is warning them off. what is her fault tho is she has a habit of parking herself in the middle of high traffic areas and this is the part i need a solution to fix.
i think an xpen pulled across the middle of the kitchen during in and out times will work.

but this is just one more thing that needs to be done to let everyone in and is one more barrier to create, move around and take down more special needs dog to manage in some physical way just to do something simple like let them all out to pee. and that sucks.

i am dreading the arrival of the LA looks like it is back on for this friday. i have not been the least bit upset by the delays in getting them here..the longer it takes is absolutely fine with me.

we do have a bunch of dogs who might be going out soon...maudie, perdy and probably ruthie are reaching the end of quality of life, bibi is not far behind...lucky while holding in really well right now is most definitely terminal with multiple cancer sites....syndey and hootie are highly adoptable once hootie's surgery is done and maybe if jelly's tumour is beign, she too may be adoptable...altho...big, cheerful blockhead dogs are harder to find homes for then cute little things. and bonita has an interested family.... but i haven't heard back yet from the last long info email i might be my answer to their question about if bonita would like dog sports?..i said she would if she could play them HER way..that was kind of a telling answer i guess..bonny is sweet and gentle but bonny is also stubborn with a mind of her own....kind of like me!

yikes...i am juggling dogs in my head just like i juggle money...if this comes in, we can pay that next, and when this thing happens we can pay this and that! this is probably not a good thing.
honestly tho, that is how you survive in all of the aspects of become really good at juggling everything.

geez...i am 52...way too old to be continually balancing right on the edge...i gotta learn not to play with so many balls...then my life would be easier.



Speaking of raising money.....remember Bake Sale Friday Nov.26th Ann do you still have those bags for hauling away goodies and some containers for the baking. Jenn people have mentioned those cupcakes from last years sale..hint hint.