Rescue Journal

well...tis the season...

Carol  ·  Nov. 17, 2010

it looks like bonita's new home is going to be a go within the next couple of weeks...they have a trip planned so we will wait til they get back from that.
pixie also has a couple that are highly interested in her, friends of the chi club folks that came out to visit her.

zelda is a really nice cat...she goes into the vet on friday. in fact tthere are almost a dozen vet assessments and surgeries booked for our various new ones over the next couple of weeks. bambi 2 had her vet check and blood work done this morning..the vet is going to look into DNA testing for us to see if she is a real dingo...i am kind of interested in finding out for sure.

misty the other new cat is out of her holding cage on a trial...ok...she is not actually out yet but she is sitting in front of the open door thinking about venturing forth.

looks like the furnace in the shop is broken...shit! it is cold over there. i turned on the heaters up in the suite for frodo and stayed over there with him for a while tonight. but i am too freaked out over fire to leave them on. i wish he would come over to the house but it just pisses him off. tomorrow i will call for the electrician and furnace repair i just did not feel very well.

winter is coming, big snow fall predicted for this weekend so i need to get my winter tires on tomorrow too so i won't get stranded in the snow. just a reminder to all who travel to saints...if the roads are snowy use the stave lake is well cared for due to the location of the public works yard, 2 schools, plus the college, city hall and the 2 prisons...i have never not been able to get up and down there but other roads have sometimes proved not so great.

the LA dogs are leaving tonight... ETA at SAINTS late afternoon/early evening on friday.

and now it is bedtime, hopefully tomorrow i will feel a bit better...(i just had my flu shot so that is probably why i feel achey and blah.)



I've been reading recently about those stoves that burn the little wood pellets that some folks also use for horse stalls & cat litter.

The stoves are very efficient & they're easy to install. They vent outside but it doesn't have to be a chimney, can just go out through a wall & if you get a basic model, it works even if the electricity fails in a storm. (they often have electric fans to move the air but there are ones which will still work just fine without the fan). The pellets are inexpensive.

You can load a stove up with pellets & they'll stay warm all day. A bit of an outlay to buy & install (about 1-2K) but then no worries about cold during power failures. Most natural gas furnaces will not turn on if there's no power for instance....


jenn will probably be out on the weekend and can grab pictures of all of the new saturday, there will be a lot...zelda, misty, bambi 2, ruthie, plus the LA guys... (prince, sweetie, tina-fey, taz (the very sad bulldog) and the other 2 little late additions whose names i don't is a 10 yr old female poodle, and the other a 10 yr old male chi.)


Hope you're feeling better soon and good luck with the furnace!

Just wondering when pictures of the cats Zelda and Misty will be up on the site? I look forward to seeing them.

I've enjoyed reading your blogs for a bit now. And appreciate the information/thoughts you've shared. Thank you!