Rescue Journal

grace passed away today

Carol  ·  Nov. 18, 2010

she has been in foster care with dawn for the past several months. this will be the 5th saints palliative foster dog that dawn has cared for in their final months over the past couple of years...true, este, cruz, miles, and now gracie all had the chance of a wonderful home to end their lives at peace and feeling loved.

grace was a great little girl...she was ancient but she looked like a pup. she came from a very sad and neglected life but in the end found a better and kinder world near the end of her days.

thank you dawn for loving her and i am so sorry for your loss of this ancient sweet little one.

rest in peace little gracie, you were deeply loved.




shit what a loss. dawn i have to give you kodos. you have always been there for those ones that are at the end of their lives it has to be very hard for you and they are so lucky to have had you. so sorry dawn.


so sorry for your loss dawn, hanna and family, the passing of gracie will be felt by all that knew her, she was lucky to have had your home as hers, she was a sweet, lovely girl, thank you for giving her happiness and love


Carol - thank you so much for letting Sweet Gracie be part of SAINTS crew. Dawn thank you so much for taking Sweet Gracie home and showing her the love and compassion she never had in her life. Sweet Dreams Gracie, you were a precious girl.


Gracie was a doll - I thought she was a puppy when I first met her. I'm so sorry Dawn...


I am so sorry for your loss of sweet Gracie Dawn. She was always a welcome sight at the barn on weekends with her pink bandana. Thank you for loving her.