Rescue Journal

IKY is ending her life today.

Carol  ·  Nov. 18, 2010

she has been in foster care with carol z since 2008, and is 17 yrs old now. IKY has been struggling for the past few weeks with both dementia and an nasopharangeal cancer. her foster mom believes that life is not so much fun for IKY anymore and it is time to help her to pass.

she has been a very good dog, and carol's very best friend. i am so glad she had the opportunity to end her life as a beloved dog in foster care.
we wish you a peaceful journey IKY and big hugs to your very sad foster mom.




so sorry i remember iky she was very sweet glad she had a very good home every animal should be so lucky rest in peace little dog..


Im so happy Iky had an amazing home for the last couple years, she was one of my most favourite dogs from SAINTS and Ill always remember her. Goodbye sweetie.


What a gorgeous dog. Sorry to hear Carol Z. But how lucky she was to have you in the end. RIP