Rescue Journal

this was a REALLY nice email...YAY pole dancers....what kind and generous people!!!

Carol  ·  Nov. 18, 2010


I am a professional Pole Fitness Instructor and the current US Pole Dance Champion, ;) .. I have found so much love and support in the women that are in the pole fitness community they are so loyal good hearted and amazing and love animals so much.. i decided last month to bring everyone together and raise some money for a couple animal charities.

You are one of the 4 i have picked to donate to so i would like to make a donation in the name for the amount of $500 CAD.

I just did the PayPal and it came from my personal account, but just wanted to let you know the donation is from Pole Dancers Love Animals ; ) and there were many more than me involved. Even the Canadian Pole dance who is from Vancouver.

bambi 2's blood work is was all pretty good except her thyroid is rock bottom low so we will start her on the thyroid meds and see how she does. i asked the vet if with treatment, when she is feeling my nice and mostly quiet, laid back, chubby lady going to turn into a raving crazy dingo dog? she laughed and said maybe...but we still have to treat her hypothyroid disease....hmmph.



Yea Pole Dancers !! Thank you so much for supporting SAINTS .. perhaps the canadian pole dancer can visit one day & we could do a fund raiser... Pole Dancing lessons !! I would love to give it a try .. as a kid I was pretty darn good on those Monkey Bars.. sucked on the balance beams thou maybe on 2nd thought, just a visit would be nice.


Is anyone else having trouble viewing the pics? I don't see any images on my computer, just empty squares with a red "x" in them. Maybe it's just my computer?