Rescue Journal

here are pictures of the 2 new LA guys who we haven't seen yet

Carol  ·  Nov. 19, 2010

this is hilda


this is alf


the bad news on our vet drop off today is...

zelda looks like she is in terminal mode..but...we are going to hook her up to IV's and take some blood and wait for the results tomorrow before if we decide to is PROBABLY very end stage kidney disease.

ruthie...the vet thinks it is not typical osteoarthritis...she thinks it is more likely profound and generalized rheumatoid arthritis..decent pain control will be a very huge issue. she says unless we put her on very high doses of steroids we won't help her very much (and even those will probably not do too much in making her feel better) plus the steroids themselves are going to cause her even more the long and the short of it is they are recommending euthanization since we can't much to improve the quality of life that she currently has. they have booked her euth for 2:30 and i will go in to be with her.

this so sucks when they get here too late for us to be able to do much to help them to feel better....ruthie and zelda could have done with some really good vet care a few years ago...then maybe things would be better for both of them now.


Ian Mary

Yes Roff, we have an LA dog from Saints (Lola) who went for a walk in the snow last night (complete with sweater and jacket)and would only pee on the elusive grassy patch. We don't think she knows its ok to pee on the white stuff!

Ian and Mary


Oh my lord, I wished I had never met Ruthie. I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her face. Are you sure - I shouldn't question you but are you sure. She looked pretty happy to me or is that just because she is a nice old girl who doesn't want to disappoint anyone.

Carol Ann

thank god you got Ruthie in time for her to get some love and care before she had to go, and she can go quickly and peacefully. Bless her big heart.

Francesca Wilson

Oh my goodness, how cute is Alf... is he elderly Carol - he looks so full of wonderful attitude. Welcome Alf.