Rescue Journal

it was quite the night!

Carol  ·  Nov. 20, 2010

the new guys are here. the border crossing was a one point it looked like bob, the really nice transporter, was going to be sent back with the dogs. apparently canadian customs considers these dog a valuable commodity and we did not have the proper paperwork for importing commercial "things." i didn't understand most of what the officer was saying (it is my red tape and stupid rule disability) and always before the dogs were delivered straight to me so i have no idea of the processes involved. the officer was not impressed with my total ignorance. in the end they let bob and the dogs thru but it was scary just the same. i don't think i will do this just upsets me inside to think of, refer to, or consider these lives as commodities.

anyway...nightmare border crossing aside..i do want to thank bob, tammy, nicole, laura and jenn for helping with their transition to here!

7 dogs is a stop over for another rescue...her name is lila and really she is the only one to rock the boat around here. and she rocked it a lot on the bed last night..cute little thing but she is a mini phoebe!
taz the bulldog has already gone home with nicole...nicole fell in love as soon as she saw her so that was good for all of us. taz does have very sad eyes!

as for the golden-oldie others...tina-fey is a daxi (i thought she was a chi from her picture) very sweet! sweetie is a little cockapoo and is a bit overwhelmed, but she is a real sweetie. prince, the little caspar/cuddles like poodle is a very sick and frail little guy...he drank gallons of water last night and had a ton of blood in his stool. i am bumping sydney out of his vet appointment and taking prince in instead. alf is simply adorable, he is a chi/JRT cross, and hilda is lovely some kind of mop dog cross with an infected eye.

all of them learned how to be bed buddies last night..jenn spent the night with us all. the dogs slept pretty well, jenn and i not so much. i was up at 6:30 to get bob back down the hill and on the right road to abbotsford. and today begins the first day of their new life in rescue...i hope they all eventually feel at home and comfortable here. i have work to do...yikes! 5 brand new saints and one cranky stopover dog!



Lila is like a mini Phoebe, no wonder I was so attracted to her. She is so sweet. Too bad we can't keep her.


Hi Nicole,
I burst out laughing when I read your post about Shrek and Fiona trying to teach Taz/Maggie how to eat garbage while you were out. Looks like she is going to be a regular member of your family!!! Aren't dogs great?


taz is now Maggie (i think, still may change it).
She is still a big scaredy cat, but I'm getting tail wags. while i was out shrek and fiona were trying to teach her how to eat garbage.

Cheryl K

Hmmm I wonder what the issue was with the border officer..we have brought 3 rescue dogs across at one time and have done that a couple of times and as long as we had the health paperwork we had no problems...even when we said they were going into person I know did have a problem bringing a pitti across when she told them it was going into rescue and the border patrol officer got into a snit about the dog being a pitti but still let her come..
Must have been in a bad mood or something or maybe the volume of 7 caused sorry that was such a problem..


sorry carol i wont be there today. tried to get up the hill but it was very icy am not good in the ice have no confidence. should have gotten erins phone number maybe she would have picked me up maybe you can mention it to her. my number is 8267287 if anyone can pick me up great. we all need to get eac h others numbers