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"you're in the arms of the angels...may you find some comfort here..." (sarah mc')

Carol  ·  Nov. 20, 2010

i just did not have time to grieve for the loss of ruthie...i always feel so bad for the ones we don't have enough time with to make any real difference to their lives.
we lost zelda this afternoon...even on the IV's she crashed hard. by the time i got there, she already looked dead, but she was not. when i picked her up and held her in my arms, she curled herself in and under my hand against her emaciated ribcage i could feel her start to purr. i couldn't hear it but i could feel it in the palm of my hand...she was happy i was there with her. even after the first euthanol injection was given...she continued to purr. she died following a second just made me so very sad.

i know i could have really loved her..i know inside that destroyed body was one of those one in a million incredible cats.

when i was driving home, that sarah mc "angel" song played and i finally cried for both ruthie and zelda. rescue so sucks when it comes too late.

the new guys are all settling in...i had to leave prince at the vets for a chest xray and come back into town to pick him up later. he has an enlarged heart, a heart murmur and a bit of fluid in his lungs. he is on meds for all of his issues now and we wait for the return of the bloodwork to see if there is anything else.

Hope is still floating right now .... for this sick Prince

bambi the maybe dingo girl is waking up with her thyroid meds and beginning to be a bit of a problem. she jumped winter the cat today hard...didn't hurt her but shocked her when our chubby maybe dingo dog landed right on top of her. it is food issues...bambi thinks she has to own all of the food...hopefully this will ease up some as her thyroid regulates a bit more. it better ease up or she will find herself spending a lot of her time, in some area alone with just her food bowl for company!

This is Bambi 2 and Wynter 2 minutes after there was spit, fur and a lot a noise from their rumble ... both seemed to have forgotten all about the little tumble. But I did not it was pretty scarey.



My thoughts are with Prince today.
So sad for your losses yesterday : (


Bambi looks like a Formosan Mountain Dog! I have one that I adopted after fostering for awhile and I thought she was a Dingo too until I learned her history. I still get asked frequently if she is.

Janet L

Reading about Zelda's death made me cry. Poor girl. Died with a stranger but at least a stranger that cared and not alone under somebody's porch - thank you, Carol.

Audrey S.

I understand. I feel so sorry for older animals that people just discard. Have a couple of fenced acres, warm barn, warm house and lots of love to give. There are always lots of animals in Canada that need help. Am always so grateful that there are people like you who help them.


so sorry audrey..i have been distracted the past couple of days... and now after yesterdays nightmare border crossing i am not too keen for a second go.

Audrey S.

Gee, did my offer on those 2 dogs from the hoarding situation not warrant a reply?