Rescue Journal

looks like an even split on the votes for sat the 11th or sun the 12th, so...

Carol  ·  Nov. 21, 2010

i am going to arbitarily pick saturday the 11th in the mp room at noon as a pot luck so i can have the sunday afternoon free from folks and toddle around doing my stuff undisturbed (like laundry) to get ready for the upcoming work is not like i don`t love you all but an afternoon of not talking to folks is kind of nice while i do my own personal things and since sunday is my last day off it is a good afternoon to be spending on me....and it might be a good afternoon for you guys to be spending on yourselves too!

hey question...i just made myself some dinner and the canned tomatoes i used in my stirfry..left a tinny taste in my mouth. so i grabbed the can out of the garbage and checked the expiration date and it was april my question i going to get botulism and die....

the volunteers all worked so hard today to get all the barn and chicken areas winterized for the cold. i bought the last water heater and extension cord on my way home from work and set that up so now none of the animals waters should freeze. thank you so much to everyone who was here this weekend (and any other weekend too) so much got done and i think because of everyones hard work, we are good to go not only for the week ahead...but even if we do get freezing weather and snow!!! bath (sore back) and diabetics and meds then off to bed.

oh and little lila went off with her rescue today so the bed buddies and i should again be able to sleep!

tomorrow if i have time..i will write a little bit on each of the new guys as i am getting to know them so they become real to everyone who can`t get out to saints...our guys like to be real!!!


Ann C

I'll be there for the pot-luck & meeting and I'll come help in the house both days.


It was a GREAT day at the barn today! It was a so very nice that all the volunteers that were there today worked really hard and got lots done. And now I know the ducks and chickens will be nice and warm for the cold nights. Good work "Barn Team"!!


ok and not to worry..i can do the house anyway since i will be here..i just won`t let anyone or anything distract me!


ok, Sat. the 11th it is! I'll be there, (unless thers's a blizzard) and I'll bring something for potluck - not sure what yet! I will not be coming on Sunday, the 12th tho' - so will come early on Saturday morning to clean house first. Hopefully some others can come on Sunday.