Rescue Journal

no blog this morning

Carol  ·  Nov. 21, 2010

i am on early shift and have to go...everyone is fine (i think!)...lila the stop over little phoebe wanna be spent the night in a crate...she actually was ok with that...yay, we all slept better!



i am pretty sure we have a warm coat to fit him..i just have to remember to try it on...i haven`t started blanketing anyone..i wanted their winter coats to come in thick first plus i get freaked out because these guys are always undoing their straps which is dangerous so i pull them out when we have no more choice... and since they are only spending 6 hours out of the warm barn a day and they have a ton of wind-rain protected undercover areas..i have been putting it off.

the vaporizer might be a great idea for him..i just have to figure out the electrical cuz with the water heaters and hoses plugged in, we are running out of sockets to plug into. i will ask the electrician when he comes about a surge bar with multiple outlets and if that is safe in the barn.

Carol Ann

oh that idea for ziggy sounds good poor little guy needs a good warm coat.


Just a "heads up" to weekend house volunteers ; I will not be able to come the weekend of Dec. 4th and Dec. 5th, due to Xmas parties at work in North Van that I have to attend, (since I'm organizing them). Sorry! Also, has the date been set yet for Dec. 11th or 12th re: future of SAINTS mtg.? I want to make sure I'm at that one. By the way, the 5 new little ones from LA that I met today are adorable. Here's hoping Prince will be ok - he's pretty frail! Wow, there are so many little dogs underfoot now - what's the total number of dogs Carol? Just curious.....


would it help Ziggy if he had a blanket for the winter which could be modified by adding fleece/wool and velcro so that his chest is covered against the impending doom of cold weather you are supposed to get this year? I envision a kind of an h-shaped add-on that could go accross his chest, between his front legs and then come up and attatch to the bottom edges of the sides so it could keep his little chest and lungs warmer than a regular blanket might. Never mind that he'll be breathing the freezing air into his lungs anyway. would he like a vaporizer for Xmas for his stall from Auntie Suzanne?


that stuff was used at the gala so it should be in the shop. Mom re-orged the shop awhile ago but I thought it was directly across from the work gloves ... I should have looked before I left yesterday laura sorry i forgot. AND nicole I wanna see pics of your new guy ... pleeeeaaaase.


i had them in June but i'm pretty sure i returned everything. i will check in the garage just in case.


Carol I was looking for all the fundraiser stuff....sandwich board, picture board, cardboard info things....could not find them in the shop....are then in there or did they not get returned....cause I need them before Friday.